This is the list for currently supported Commodore Amiga games. You shouldn’t need any configuration to run these games, you only need the disks (adf) and use the name in the code column.

This is an example of valid disk files

retrox/amiga/Shadow of the Beast/beast1.disk1.adf
retrox/amiga/Shadow of the Beast/beast1.disk2.adf

Note the use of the names battlesquadron and beast1, according to the table those codes will help RetroX detect which games are, and it will use the configuration that was already tested for RetroX.


Game Code
‘Allo ‘Allo! Cartoon Fun! alloallocartoonfun
1 Across 2 Down 1across2down
10 out of 10 – Dinosaurs 10outof10dinosaurs
10 out of 10 – English 10outof10english
10 out of 10 – German 10outof10german
10 out of 10 – Junior Essentials 10outof10junioressentials
10 out of 10 – Maths Algebra 10outof10mathsalgebra
1000 Miglia 1000miglia
1000cc Turbo 1000ccturbo
1497 – Five Years After 1497fiveyearsafter
17 + 4 174
1869 (AGA) 1869aga
1869 – Erlebte Geschichte Teil I 1869erlebtegeschichteteili
1869 – History Experience Part I 1869historyexperienceparti
1943 – The Battle of Midway 1943thebattleofmidway
1st Division Manager 1stdivisionmanager
3001 – O’Connors Fight 3001oconnorsfight
3D Galax 3dgalax
3D Pool 3dpool
3D World Boxing 3dworldboxing
3D World Soccer 3dworldsoccer
3D World Tennis 3dworldtennis
4-Get-It 4getit
4-Way Lynx 4waylynx
4D Sports Boxing 4dsportsboxing
4D Sports Driving 4dsportsdriving
4th & Inches 4thinches
4×4 Off-Road Racing 4x4offroadracing
5th Gear 5thgear
688 Attack Sub 688attacksub
7 Colors 7colors
9 Lives 9lives
A New Adventure: Fayoh 2 fayoh2
A-10 Tank Killer a10tankkiller
A-Train atrain
A.M.C. – Astro Marine Corps amcastromarinecorps
A320 Airbus a320airbus
Aaargh! aaargh
Abandoned Places – A Time for Heroes abandonedplacesatimeforheroes
Abandoned Places 2 abandonedplaces2
ABC Monday Night Football abcmondaynightfootball
Above Top Secret abovetopsecret
Abracadabra abracadabra
Abu Simbel Profanation abusimbelprofanation
Abyss abyss
ABZoo abzoo
Accordion accordion
Ace the Space-Case acethespacecase
Acsys: Autonomous Cybernetic System acsys
Action Cat (AGA) actioncataga
Action Fighter actionfighter
Addams Family, The addamsfamilythe
ADI Junior Helps with Counting adijuniorhelpswithcounting
ADI Junior Helps with Reading adijuniorhelpswithreading
Adrenalynn adrenalynn
ADS – Advanced Destroyer Simulator adsadvanceddestroyersimulator
Advanced Ski Simulator advancedskisimulator
Advantage Tennis advantagetennis
Adventure Construction Set adventureconstructionset
Adventures in Math adventuresinmath
Adventures of Maddog Williams in The Dungeons of Duridian, The adventuresofmaddogwilliamsinthedungeonsofduridianthe
Adventures of Quik & Silva, The adventuresofquiksilvathe
Adventures of Robin Hood, The adventuresofrobinhoodthe
Adventures of Willy Beamish, The adventuresofwillybeamishthe
Aerial Racer aracer
After Burner afterburner
After the War afterthewar
Agony agony
Air Ace II airace2
Airball airball
Airborne Ranger airborneranger
Akira akira
Aladdin (AGA) aladdinaga
Alcatraz alcatraz
Alfred Chicken alfredchicken
Alfred Chicken (AGA) alfredchickenaga
Alien 3 alien3
Alien Bash alienbash
Alien Bash II alienbashii
Alien Breed alienbreed
Alien Breed – Special Edition 92 alienbreedspecialedition92
Alien Breed – Tower Assault alienbreedtowerassault
Alien Breed II – The Horror Continues alienbreediithehorrorcontinues
Alien Fish Finger alienfishfinger
Alien Storm alienstorm
Alien Syndrome aliensyndrome
Alien World alienworld
All About America allaboutamerica
All Dogs Go to Heaven alldogsgotoheaven
All New World of Lemmings (AGA) allnewworldoflemmingsaga
Alpha Waves alphawaves
Alpha-1 alpha1
Altered Beast alteredbeast
Altered Destiny altereddestiny
Amazed amazed
Amazing Spider-Man, The amazingspidermanthe
Amberstar amberstar
Amberstar Installer amberstarinstaller
Amegas amegas
American History Adventure americanhistoryadventure
American Tag-Team Wrestling americantagteamwrestling
Amiga Karate amigakarate
Amiga Poker amigapoker
Amiganoid amiganoid
Amnios amnios
Amy’s Fun-2-3 Adventure amysfun23adventure
Anarchy anarchy
Ancient Games ancientgames
Animal Kingdom animalkingdom
Another World anotherworld
Answer Back – Junior Quiz answerbackjuniorquiz
Answer Back – Senior Quiz answerbackseniorquiz
Antago antago
Ants: The Masses Against The Massive ants
Apache apache
Apache Flight apacheflight
Apano Sin apanosin
Apidya apidya
Apocalypse apocalypse
Apprentice apprentice
Aquanaut aquanaut
Aquatic Games, The – Starring James Pond and the Aquabats aquaticgamesthestarringjamespondandtheaquabats
Arabian Nights arabiannights
Arachnophobia arachnophobia
Arazmax arazmax
Arazok’s Tomb arazokstomb
Arcade Fruit Machine arcadefruitmachine
Arcade Pool arcadepool
Archer Maclean’s Pool archermacleanspool
Arena 2000 arena2000
Argus argus
Arkanoid arkanoid
Arkanoid – Revenge of Doh arkanoidrevengeofdoh
Armada armada
Armageddon Man, The armageddonmanthe
Armalyte – The Final Run armalytethefinalrun
Armour-Geddon armourgeddon
Arnhem – The ‘Market Garden’ Operation arnhemthemarketgardenoperation
Arnie arnie
Arthur – The Quest for Excalibur arthurthequestforexcalibur
Ask Me Another askmeanother
Assassin assassin
Assassin – Special Edition assassinspecialedition
Assimilation: Caffeine 2 assimil
Astaroth – The Angel of Death astaroththeangelofdeath
Astrokid in the Battle of Planet Funk astrokid
ATF II – Advanced Tactical Fighter II atfiiadvancedtacticalfighterii
Atomic Robo-Kid atomicrobokid
Atomino atomino
Atomix atomix
ATR – All Terrain Racing atrallterrainracing
Austerlitz austerlitz
Aventures de Moktar, Les aventuresdemoktarles
Axel’s Magic Hammer axelsmagichammer
Aztec Challenge aztec
B.A.T. bat
B.A.T. II batii
B.C. Kid bckid
Baal baal
Baba Yaga babayaga
Baby Bug babybug
Baby Jo in ‘Going Home’ babyjoingoinghome
Back to the Future Part II backtothefuturepartii
Back to the Future Part III backtothefuturepartiii
Backgammon backgammon
Backgammon Royale backgammonroyale
Backlash backlash
Backstage backstage
Bad Cat badcat
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja baddudesvsdragonninja
Bad Vibes badvibes
BadLands badlands
Badlands Pete badlandspete
Bagitman bagitman
Bahnhof bahnhof
Balance of Power – The 1990 Edition balanceofpowerthe1990edition
Balder’s Grove balders
Ball Game, The ballgamethe
Ball Raider ballraider
Ball Raider II ballraiderii
Ballistix ballistix
Balloonacy balloonacy
Balls balls
Ballyhoo ballyhoo
Bambinours Solves a Jig Saw bambinourssolvesajigsaw
Bandit Kings of Ancient China banditkingsofancientchina
Bangboo bangboo
Bangkok Knights bangkokknights
Bank Buster bankbuster
Banshee (AGA) bansheeaga
Banzai banzai
Bar Games bargames
Barbarian barbarian
Barbarian – The Ultimate Warrior barbariantheultimatewarrior
Barbarian II – The Dungeon of Drax barbarianiithedungeonofdrax
Bard’s Tale II, The – The Destiny Knight bardstaleiithethedestinyknight
Bard’s Tale III, The – Thief of Fate bardstaleiiithethiefoffate
Bard’s Tale, The – Tales of the Unknown bardstalethetalesoftheunknown
Bargon Attack bargonattack
Barney Bear Goes Camping barneybeargoescamping
Barney Bear Goes to Space barneybeargoestospace
Barney Bear Goes to the Farm barneybeargoestothefarm
Barney Mouse barneymouse
Baron Baldric – A Grave Adventure baronbaldricagraveadventure
Base Jumpers basejumpers
Batman – The Caped Crusader batmanthecapedcrusader
Batman – The Movie batmanthemovie
Batman Returns batmanreturns
Batman The Movie batmanmovie
Battle Chess battlechess
Battle Chess II – Chinese Chess battlechessiichinesechess
Battle Duel: Striving for Glory battleduel
Battle for the Ashes battlefortheashes
Battle Isle battleisle
Battle Squadron battlesquadron
Battle Squadron – The Destruction of the Barrax Empire! battlesquadronthedestructionofthebarraxempire
Battle Trucks battletrucks
Battlehawks 1942 battlehawks1942
Battlemaster battlemaster
Battleships battleships
Battlestorm battlestorm
BattleTech – The Crescent Hawk’s Inception battletechthecrescenthawksinception
Battletoads battletoads
Beach Volley beachvolley
Beam beam
Beast Busters beastbusters
Beastlord beastlord
Beavers beavers
Behind the Iron Gate behindtheirongate
Beneath a Steel Sky beneathasteelsky
Benefactor benefactor
Best of the Best bestofthebest
Betrayal betrayal
Better Dead Than Alien! betterdeadthanalien
Beverly Hills Cop beverlyhillscop
Beyond Dark Castle beyonddarkcastle
Beyond the Ice Palace beyondtheicepalace
Beyond Zork – The Coconut of Quendor beyondzorkthecoconutofquendor
Bez Kompromisu bezkompromisu
Bi-Fi – Snackzone bifisnackzone
Bi-Fi II – Action in Hollywood bifiiiactioninhollywood
Big Nose – The Caveman bignosethecaveman
Big Picture, The bigpicturethe
Big Run bigrun
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure billtedsexcellentadventure
Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challenge billelliottsnascarchallenge
Bill’s Tomato Game billstomatogame
Billiards II Simulator billiardsiisimulator
Billiards Simulator billiardssimulator
Bio Challenge biochallenge
Bionic Commando bioniccommando
Biplane Duel biplane
Birds N’ Bees birdsnbees
Birds of Prey birdsofprey
BIT in the Magic Castle bitinthemagiccastle
Black Cauldron, The blackcauldronthe
Black Crypt blackcrypt
Black Dawn blackdawn
Black Hornet blackhornet
Black Lamp blacklamp
Black Sect blacksect
Black Shadow blackshadow
Black Tiger blacktiger
Blackjack Academy blackjackacademy
Blade Warrior bladewarrior
Blades of Steel bladesofsteel
Blastar blastar
Blasteris blasteris
Blinky’s Scary School blinkysscaryschool
Blitz Bombers blitzbombers
Block Shock – The Last Chance blockshockthelastchance
Blockhead blockhead
Blockhead II blockheadii
Blood Fest bloodfest
Blood Money bloodmoney
BloodNet – A Cyberpunk Gothic bloodnetacyberpunkgothic
BloodNet – A Cyberpunk Gothic (AGA) bloodnetacyberpunkgothicaga
Bloodwych bloodwych
Bloodwych – The Extended Levels bloodwychtheextendedlevels
Blue & the Gray, The bluethegraythe
Blue Angel 69 blueangel69
Blue Angels – Formation Flight Simulation blueangelsformationflightsimulation
Blue Boy blueboy
Blue Max – Aces of the Great War bluemaxacesofthegreatwar
Blueberry blueberry
Blues Brothers, The bluesbrothersthe
BMX Simulator bmxsimulator
Bo Jackson Baseball bojacksonbaseball
Bob’s Bad Day bobsbadday
Bob’s Garden bobsgarden
BoBo – Stir Crazy bobostircrazy
Body Blows bodyblows
Body Blows (AGA) bodyblowsaga
Body Blows Galactic bodyblowsgalactic
Body Blows Galactic (AGA) bodyblowsgalacticaga
Bograts – The Puzzling Misadventure (AGA) bogratsthepuzzlingmisadventureaga
Boing! – The Game boingthegame
Bomb Busters bombbusters
Bomb Fusion bombfusion
Bomb Jack bombjack
Bomb’X bombx
Bomber 2000 bomber2000
Bomber Bob bomberbob
Bombuzal bombuzal
Bonanza Bros. bonanzabros
Booly booly
Boondar (AGA) boondaraga
Boot, Das – German U-Boat Simulation bootdasgermanuboatsimulation
Borobodur – The Planet of Doom borobodurtheplanetofdoom
Borrowed Time borrowedtime
Boston Bomb Club bostonbombclub
Botics botics
Bouncing Balls bouncingballs
Bouncing Bill bouncingbill
Boxing Masters boxingmasters
Bozuma bozuma
Brain Artifice brainartifice
Brain Man brainman
Bram Stoker’s Dracula bramstokersdracula
Brands Hatch brandshatch
Brat brat
Brataccas brataccas
Breathless (AGA) breathlessaga
Brian the Lion brianthelion
Brian the Lion (AGA) brianthelionaga
Bride of the Robot brideoftherobot
Brides of Dracula bridesofdracula
Bridge 6.0 bridge60
Bridge Player 2000 with Tutor bridgeplayer2000withtutor
Brigade Commander brigadecommander
Brutal – Paws of Fury brutalpawsoffury
Brutal Football brutalfootball
Brutal Football – Deluxe Edition (AGA) brutalfootballdeluxeeditionaga
Brutal Homicide brutalh
Bubba ‘n’ Stix bubbanstix
Bubble + bubble
Bubble and Squeak bubbleandsqueak
Bubble Bobble bubblebobble
Bubble Dizzy bubbledizzy
Bubble Ghost bubbleghost
Bubble Gun bubblegun
Buck Rogers – Countdown to Doomsday buckrogerscountdowntodoomsday
Budokan – The Martial Spirit budokanthemartialspirit
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show buffalobillswildwestshow
Bug Bash bugbash
Bug Bomber bugbomber
Buggy Boy buggyboy
Build It! – Das Bauhaus builditdasbauhaus
BuilderLand – The Story of Melba builderlandthestoryofmelba
Bully’s Sporting Darts bullyssportingdarts
Bump ‘N’ Burn bumpnburn
Bumpy’s Arcade Fantasy bumpysarcadefantasy
Bundesliga Manager bundesligamanager
Bunny Bricks bunnybricks
Burning Rubber burningrubber
Burning Rubber (AGA) burningrubberaga
Burntime burntime
Burntime (AGA) burntimeaga
Bush Buck – A Global Treasure Hunt bushbuckaglobaltreasurehunt
Bush Buck – Eine Weltweite Schatzsuche bushbuckeineweltweiteschatzsuche
Byte Man byteman
C.Y.A.D. – A Game of Influence cyadagameofinfluence
Cabal cabal
Cabaret Asteroids cabaretasteroids
Cadaver cadaver
Caesar caesar
Calendar Quiz calendarquiz
California Games californiagames
California Games II californiagamesii
Campaign – Tactical & Strategic War Simulation campaigntacticalstrategicwarsimulation
Cannon Fodder cfodder
Cannon Fodder cannonfodder
Cannon Fodder 2 cannonfodder2
Cannon Fodder 2 – Not Very Festive cannonfodder2notveryfestive
Cap’n Carnage capncarnage
Capital Punishment capitalpunishment
Capone capone
Captain Blood captainblood
Captain Dynamo captaindynamo
Captain Planet and the Planeteers captainplanetandtheplaneteers
Captive captive
Carcharodon – White Sharks carcharodonwhitesharks
Cardiaxx cardiaxx
Cardinal of the Kremlin, The cardinalofthekremlinthe
Caribbean Disaster caribbeandisaster
Carlos carlos
Carnage carnage
Carrier Command carriercommand
Carthage carthage
Cartoons, The cartoonsthe
CarVup carvup
CarVup – The Final Frontier carvupthefinalfrontier
Casino casino
Casino Roulette casinoroulette
Castle Kingdoms castlekingdoms
Castle Master castlemaster
Castle of Dr. Brain castleofdrbrain
Castles castles
Castlevania castlevania
Castors Juniors dans la Foret, Les castorsjuniorsdanslaforetles
Catch’em catchem
Cave Maze cavemaze
Cave Runner caverunner
Cedric and The Lost Sceptre cedricandthelostsceptre
Celtic Legends celticlegends
Centurion – Defender of Rome centuriondefenderofrome
Century century
Challenge of the Matrix, The challengeofthematrixthe
Chambers of Shaolin chambersofshaolin
Chamonix Challenge chamonixchallenge
Champ, The champthe
Champion Driver championdriver
Champion of the Raj championoftheraj
Champions of Krynn championsofkrynn
Championship Cricket championshipcricket
Championship Golf championshipgolf
Championship Manager championshipmanager
Championship Manager ’93 championshipmanager93
Championship of Europe championshipofeurope
Chaos Engine 2, The chaosengine2the
Chaos Engine 2, The (AGA) chaosengine2theaga
Chaos Engine, The chaosenginethe
Chaos Engine, The (AGA) chaosenginetheaga
Chaos in Andromeda – Eyes of the Eagle chaosinandromedaeyesoftheeagle
Chariots of Wrath chariotsofwrath
Charlie Chimp charliechimp
Charlie J Cool charliejcool
Charlie J Cool (AGA) charliejcoolaga
Charly charly
Charon 5 charon5
Chase chase
Chase H.Q. chasehq
Chase H.Q. II – Special Criminal Investigation chasehqiispecialcriminalinvestigation
Checkmate checkmate
Chess Player 2150 chessplayer2150
Chessmaster 2000, The chessmaster2000the
Chip’s Challenge chipschallenge
Christoph Kolumbus christophkolumbus
Christoph Kolumbus (AGA) christophkolumbusaga
Chronicles of Omega, The chroniclesofomegathe
Chrono Quest chronoquest
Chubby Gristle chubbygristle
Chuck Rock chuckrock
Chuck Rock 2 – Son of Chuck chuckrock2sonofchuck
Chuck Yeager’s Advanced FlightTrainer 2.0 chuckyeagersadvancedflighttrainer20
Chuckie Egg II chuckieeggii
Ciemna Strona ciemnastrona
Circus Games circusgames
Cisco Heat ciscoheat
City Cars citycars
City Defence citydefence
Civilization civilization
Civilization (AGA) civilizationaga
CJ’s Elephant Antics cjselephantantics
Classic Arcadia & Baby Arcadia classicarcadiababyarcadia
Classic Board Games classicboardgames
Classic Invaders classicinvaders
Clever & Smart cleversmart
Cliffhanger cliffhanger
Clik Clak clikclak
Clockwiser clockwiser
Clown-o-Mania clownomania
Clu Clu Land clucluland
Club & Country clubcountry
Club Football – The Manager clubfootballthemanager
Clue – Master Detective cluemasterdetective
Clue!, The cluethe
Clue!, The (AGA) cluetheaga
Cluedo – Master Detective cluedomasterdetective
Clystron clystron
Cobra cobra
Cogan’s Run cogansrun
Cohort – Fighting for Rome cohortfightingforrome
Cohort II – Fighting for Rome cohortiifightingforrome
Colmena, La colmenala
Colonization colonization
Colony, The colonythe
Coloris coloris
Colossus Bridge X colossusbridgex
Colossus Chess X colossuschessx
Commando commando
Computer Scrabble Deluxe computerscrabbledeluxe
Computer Third Reich computerthirdreich
Conan the Cimmerian conanthecimmerian
Conflict – Europe conflicteurope
Conflict – Korea conflictkorea
Conqueror conqueror
Continental Circus continentalcircus
Cool Croc Twins coolcroctwins
Cool Spot coolspot
Cool World coolworld
Corporate Raiders corporateraiders
Corporation corporation
Corruption corruption
Corsarios corsarios
Corx corx
Cosmic Spacehead cosmicspacehead
Cosmostruction – A Space Game of Skill and Strategy cosmostructionaspacegameofskillandstrategy
Count Duckula countduckula
Count Duckula 2 countduckula2
Cover Girl Strip Poker covergirlstrippoker
Craps Academy crapsacademy
Crash Garrett crashgarrett
Crash Landing crashlanding
Crazy Cars crazycars
Crazy Cars II crazycarsii
Crazy Cars III crazycarsiii
Crazy Cones crazycones
Crazy Seasons crazyseasons
Crazy Shot crazyshot
Crazy Sue crazysue
Crazy Sue Goes On crazysuegoeson
Creature creature
Creatures to the Rescue creatures
Cribbage King & Gin King cribbagekingginking
Cricket Amiga cricketamiga
Cricket Masters cricketmasters
Crime City crimecity
Crime Does Not Pay crimedoesnotpay
Crime Time crimetime
Crime Wave crimewave
Crimson Crown crimsoncrown
Cross Out the Intruder crossouttheintruder
CrossCheck – Eishockey Action crosscheckeishockeyaction
Crown crown
Cruise for a Corpse cruiseforacorpse
Cruncher Factory cruncherfactory
Crusade, The crusadethe
Crystal Dragon crystaldragon
Crystal Hammer crystalhammer
Crystal Hammer ’93 Edition crystalhammer93edition
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy crystalkingdomdizzy
Crystal Palace crystalpalace
Crystal Quest crystalquest
Crystals of Arborea crystalsofarborea
Cube-X cubex
Cubix cubix
Cubulus cubulus
Curse of Enchantia curseofenchantia
Curse of RA, The curseofrathe
Curse of the Azure Bonds curseoftheazurebonds
Cyber Cop cybercop
Cyber Kick cyberkick
Cyberball – Football in the 21st Century cyberballfootballinthe21stcentury
Cyberblast cyberblast
Cybercon III cyberconiii
Cybergammon cybergammon
Cybernauts cybernauts
Cybernetix – The First Battle cybernetixthefirstbattle
Cybernoid – The Fighting Machine cybernoidthefightingmachine
Cybernoid II – The Revenge cybernoidiitherevenge
Cyberpunks cyberpunks
Cyberzerk cyberzerk
Cycles, The – International Grand Prix Racing cyclestheinternationalgrandprixracing
Cytron cytron
D-Day – The Beginning of the End ddaythebeginningoftheend
D-Generation dgeneration
D-Generation (AGA) dgenerationaga
Daily Double Horse Racing dailydoublehorseracing
Dalek Attack dalekattack
Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge daleythompsonsolympicchallenge
Damage – The Sadistic Butchering of Humanity damagethesadisticbutcheringofhumanity
Dames Simulator damessimulator
Damocles – Mercenary II damoclesmercenaryii
Danger Castle dangercastle
Dangerous Streets dangerousstreets
Dangerous Streets (AGA) dangerousstreetsaga
Darius + darius
Dark Century darkcentury
Dark Fusion darkfusion
Dark Queen of Krynn, The darkqueenofkrynnthe
Dark Seed darkseed
Dark Side darkside
Darkman darkman
Darkmere darkmere
Darts 501 darts501
Datastorm datastorm
Day of the Pharaoh dayofthepharaoh
Days of Thunder daysofthunder
Deadline deadline
Death Knights of Krynn deathknightsofkrynn
Death Mask deathmask
Death Trap deathtrap
Deathbots deathbots
Deathbringer – The Sword of Abaddon deathbringertheswordofabaddon
Deep Core deepcore
Deep Space deepspace
Defender defender
Defender II defenderii
Defender of the Crown defenderofthecrown
Defenders of the Earth defendersoftheearth
Deflektor deflektor
Deja Vu – A Nightmare Comes True!! dejavuanightmarecomestrue
Deja Vu II – Lost in Las Vegas!! dejavuiilostinlasvegas
Deliverance deliverance
Delivery Agent deliveryagent
Delta Run deltarun
Deluxe Galaga deluxegalaga
Demolition demolition
Demon Blue demonblue
Demon’s Tomb – The Awakening demonstombtheawakening
Demon’s Winter demonswinter
Denaris denaris
Dennis dennis
Denver Presente – Je Decouvre les Formes denverpresentejedecouvrelesformes
Desert Strike – Return to the Gulf desertstrikereturntothegulf
Designasaurus designasaurus
Detector detector
Detroit detroit
Detroit (AGA) detroitaga
Deuteros – The Next Millennium deuterosthenextmillennium
Diablo diablo
Diamond Fever: Amiga Plus Edition diamondfev
Diego Maradona’s World Football Manager diegomaradonasworldfootballmanager
Diggers (AGA) diggersaga
Dimo’s Quest dimosquest
Dingsda dingsda
Dinosaur Detective Agency dinosaurdetectiveagency
Discover U.S. History and Geography discoverushistoryandgeography
Discovery – In the Steps of Columbus discoveryinthestepsofcolumbus
Disposable Hero disposablehero
Distant Armies – A Playing History of Chess distantarmiesaplayinghistoryofchess
Ditris ditris
Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk dizzyprinceoftheyolkfolk
Dizzy Dice dizzydice
DNA – The Variety of Life dnathevarietyoflife
Doctor Strange 2: The Return of Doctor drstrange2
Dogfight v1.1 dogfight
Dogs of War dogsofwar
Dojo Dan dojodan
Doman doman
Domination domination
Dominium dominium
Donald’s Alphabet Chase donaldsalphabetchase
Donk! – The Samurai Duck! donkthesamuraiduck
Donkey Kong donkeykong
Doodlebug – Bug-Bash 2 doodlebugbugbash2
Doofus doofus
Double Agent doubleagent
Double Dragon doubledragon
Double Dragon II – The Revenge doubledragoniitherevenge
Downhill Challenge downhillchallenge
Dr. Fruit drfruit
Dr. Mario drmario
Dr. Plummet’s House of Flux drplummetshouseofflux
Drachen von Laas, Die drachenvonlaasdie
Drachensteine drachensteine
Draggy and Croco draggyandcroco
Dragon Cave dragoncave
Dragon Fighter dragonfighter
Dragon Tiles dragontiles
Dragon Tiles (AGA) dragontilesaga
Dragon’s Lair dragonslair
Dragonflight dragonflight
Dragons Breath dragonsbreath
Dragonstone dragonstone
DragonStrike dragonstrike
Dream Zone dreamzone
DreamWeb dreamweb
Dribbling – Calcio Serie A 1992-93 dribblingcalcioseriea199293
Driller driller
Drip drip
Drivin’ Force drivinforce
Drol drol
Drsna Cesta drsnacesta
Duck Tales – The Quest for Gold ducktalesthequestforgold
Dugger dugger
Dune dune
Dune II – The Battle for Arrakis duneiithebattleforarrakis
Dungeon Master dungeonmaster
Dungeon Quest dungeonquest
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists ‘n’ Everythin’ dungeonsamethystsalchemistsneverythin
Dylan Dog – The Murderers dylandogthemurderers
Dylan Dog – Through the Looking Glass dylandogthroughthelookingglass
Dylan Dog 01 – La Regina delle Tenebre dylandog01lareginadelletenebre
Dyna Blaster dynablaster
Dynamite Dick dynamitedick
Dynamite Dux dynamitedux
Dynatech dynatech
Dynatech (AGA) dynatechaga
Dyter-07 dyter07
E-Motion emotion
E.T.’s Rugby League etsrugbyleague
East vs. West – Berlin 1948 eastvswestberlin1948
Easy and Fun – Four in One easyandfunfourinone
EbonStar ebonstar
ECO eco
Eco Phantoms ecophantoms
Edd the Duck 2 – Back with a Quack! eddtheduck2backwithaquack
Edd the Duck! eddtheduck
Eddie Edwards Super Ski eddieedwardssuperski
Elf elf
Elfmania elfmania
Elite elite
Elvira – Mistress of the Dark elviramistressofthedark
Elvira – The Arcade Game elvirathearcadegame
Elvira II – The Jaws of Cerberus elviraiithejawsofcerberus
Embryo embryo
Emerald Mine emeraldmine
Emetic Skimmer emeticskimmer
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz emlynhughesarcadequiz
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer emlynhughesinternationalsoccer
Emmanuelle emmanuelle
Emperor of the Mines emperorofthemines
Empire Soccer 94 empiresoccer94
Enchanted Land enchantedland
Enchanter enchanter
Encounter encounter
Energie-Manager energiemanager
Enigma Device, The enigmadevicethe
Enlightenment – Druid II enlightenmentdruidii
Enterprise enterprise
Entity entity
Epic epic
Equality equality
Erik erik
Escape from Colditz escapefromcolditz
Escape from Tharkan escapefromtharkan
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters escapefromtheplanetoftherobotmonsters
Eskimo Games eskimogames
Espana – The Games ’92 espanathegames92
Euro League Manager euroleaguemanager
European Champions europeanchampions
European Championship 1992 europeanchampionship1992
European Football Champ europeanfootballchamp
European Soccer Challenge europeansoccerchallenge
Excalibur excalibur
Excellent Card Games excellentcardgames
Executioner, The executionerthe
Exile exile
Exile (AGA) exileaga
Exodus 3010 – The First Chapter exodus3010thefirstchapter
Exolon exolon
Explorer explorer
Extase extase
Extasy extasy
Extrial extrial
Exxon exxon
Eye of Horus eyeofhorus
Eye of the Beholder eyeofthebeholder
Eye of the Beholder II – The Legend of Darkmoon eyeofthebeholderiithelegendofdarkmoon
F-15 Strike Eagle II f15strikeeagleii
F.1 Manager f1manager
F1 f1
F1 – World Championship Edition f1worldchampionshipedition
F1 G.P. Circuits f1gpcircuits
F1 Tornado f1tornado
F1-Racer f1racer
F17 Challenge f17challenge
FA-18 Interceptor fa18interceptor
Face-Off – Ice Hockey faceofficehockey
Faces … Tris III facestrisiii
Faery Tale Adventure, The faerytaleadventurethe
Falcon falcon
Fallen Angel fallenangel
Falling Down fallingdown
Familien Duell familienduell
Famous Five, The – Five on a Treasure Island famousfivethefiveonatreasureisland
Fantastic Voyage fantasticvoyage
Fantasy Flyer fantasyflyer
Fantasy Games fantasygames
Fantasy Manager – The Computer Game fantasymanagerthecomputergame
Fantasy World Dizzy fantasyworlddizzy
Fascination fascination
Fast Break fastbreak
Fast Eddie’s Pool and Billiards fasteddiespoolandbilliards
Fast Food fastfood
Fast Freddie fastfreddie
Fast Lane! – The Spice Engineering Challenge fastlanethespiceengineeringchallenge
Fate – Gates of Dawn fategatesofdawn
Fatman – The Caped Consumer (AGA) fatmanthecapedconsumeraga
Fayoh fayoh
FC Manager fcmanager
Fears (AGA) fearsaga
Femme Fatale femmefatale
Femme Fatale v2.0 femmefatalev20
Fernandez Must Die fernandezmustdie
Fetiche Maya, Le fetichemayale
Feud feud
Feudal Lords feudallords
Fidelity Chessmaster 2100, The fidelitychessmaster2100the
Fields of Glory fieldsofglory
Fields of Glory (AGA) fieldsofgloryaga
Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top O’ Fun fiendishfreddysbigtopofun
FIFA International Soccer fifainternationalsoccer
Fighter Bomber fighterbomber
Fightin’ Spirit fightinspirit
Fightin’ Spirit (AGA) fightinspiritaga
Fighting Soccer fightingsoccer
Final Assault finalassault
Final Battle, The finalbattlethe
Final Blow finalblow
Final Command finalcommand
Final Conflict, The finalconflictthe
Final Countdown finalcountdown
Final Fight finalfight
Final Mission, The finalmissionthe
Fire & Forget fireforget
Fire & Forget II – The Death Convoy fireforgetiithedeathconvoy
Fire & Ice – The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote fireicethedaringadventuresofcoolcoyote
Fire and Brimstone fireandbrimstone
Fire and Ice: The Daring Adventure of Cool Coyote fireandice
Fire Power firepower
Fire! fire
Fireball fireball
Fireforce fireforce
Firehawk firehawk
Firestar firestar
FireZone firezone
First Contact firstcontact
First Letters – For Under 5’s firstlettersforunder5s
First Letters and Words firstlettersandwords
First Person Pinball firstpersonpinball
First Samurai, The firstsamuraithe
First Shapes firstshapes
Fish! fish
Fist Fighter fistfighter
Flamingo Tours flamingotours
Flashback flashback
Fleet Med fleetmed
Flies – Attack on Earth fliesattackonearth
Flight of the Amazon Queen flightoftheamazonqueen
Flight of the Intruder flightoftheintruder
Flight Path 737 flightpath737
Flight Simulator II flightsimulatorii
Flimbo’s Quest flimbosquest
Flintstones, The flintstonesthe
Flippit flippit
Flood flood
Floor 13 floor13
Flotte flotte
Flowers of Crystal flowersofcrystal
Fly Fighter flyfighter
Fly Harder flyharder
Flying Shark flyingshark
Fool’s Errand, The foolserrandthe
Football Champ footballchamp
Football Club Manager footballclubmanager
Football Crazy footballcrazy
Football Director II footballdirectorii
Football Glory footballglory
Football Glory (AGA) footballgloryaga
Football Manager footballmanager
Football Manager – World Cup Edition footballmanagerworldcupedition
Football Masters footballmasters
Football Tactician footballtactician
Football Tactician 2 footballtactician2
Footballer of the Year 2 footballeroftheyear2
FootMan footman
For President forpresident
Forest Dumb forestdumb
Formula 1 3D formula13d
Formula 1 Grand Prix formula1grandprix
Formula One Challenge formulaonechallenge
Fort Apache fortapache
Fortress Underground fortressunderground
Foundation’s Waste foundationswaste
Four Crystals of Trazere, The fourcrystalsoftrazerethe
Franco Baresi World Cup Kick Off francobaresiworldcupkickoff
Frankenstein frankenstein
Franko – The Crazy Revenge! frankothecrazyrevenge
Frantic Freddie franticfreddie
Freak Out freakout
Frenetic frenetic
Friday Night Pool fridaynightpool
Frontier – Elite II frontiereliteii
Frontline frontline
Fruit Machine fruitmachine
Fruitmania fruitmania
Fugger fugger
Full Contact fullcontact
Full Metal Planete fullmetalplanete
Fun School 2 – For the 6-8 Year Olds funschool2forthe68yearolds
Fun School 2 – For the Over-8s funschool2fortheover8s
Fun School 2 – For the Under-6s funschool2fortheunder6s
Fun School 3 – For the Under-5s funschool3fortheunder5s
Fun School Specials – Merlin’s Maths funschoolspecialsmerlinsmaths
Fun School Specials – Spelling Fair funschoolspecialsspellingfair
Furball furball
Fury of the Furries furyofthefurries
Fussball Total fussballtotal
Fussball Total (AGA) fussballtotalaga
Fussballmanager Gessellschaftsspeil fussballmanagergessellschaftsspeil
Future Basketball futurebasketball
Future Bike Simulator futurebikesimulator
Future Classics Collection futureclassicscollection
Future Space futurespace
Future Sport futuresport
Future Wars – Time Travellers futurewarstimetravellers
Fuzzball fuzzball
G.Nius gnius
G.P. Tennis Manager gptennismanager
Gadget – Lost in Time gadgetlostintime
Gainforce gainforce
Galactic Conqueror galacticconqueror
Galactic Empire galacticempire
Galactic Invasion galacticinvasion
Galaga ’92 galaga92
Galaxy ’89 galaxy89
Galaxy Fight – The Incredible Space Flight galaxyfighttheincrediblespaceflight
Galaxy Force II galaxyforceii
Galdregon’s Domain galdregonsdomain
Gamble Mania gamblemania
Game of Harmony, The gameofharmonythe
Game of Life, The gameoflifethe
Game Set Match gamesetmatch
Games, The – Summer Edition gamesthesummeredition
Gamma Zone gammazone
Ganymed ganymed
Gardener gardener
Garfield – Big, Fat, Hairy Deal garfieldbigfathairydeal
Garfield – Winter’s Tail garfieldwinterstail
Garrison garrison
Garrison II – The Legend Continues garrisoniithelegendcontinues
Gary Lineker’s Hot-Shot! garylinekershotshot
Gateway to the Savage Frontier gatewaytothesavagefrontier
Gauntlet II gauntletii
Gauntlet III – The Final Quest gauntletiiithefinalquest
Gazza II gazzaii
Gazza’s Super Soccer gazzassupersoccer
GBA Championship Basketball – Two-on-Two gbachampionshipbasketballtwoontwo
Gear Works gearworks
Gee Bee Air Rally geebeeairrally
Geisha geisha
Gem’X gemx
Gem’Z gemz
Gemini Wing geminiwing
Genesia genesia
Genghis Khan genghiskhan
Georg Glaxo georgglaxo
Germ Crazy germcrazy
German Trucking germantrucking
Gettysburg – The Turning Point gettysburgtheturningpoint
GFL Championship Football gflchampionshipfootball
Ghost Battle ghostbattle
Ghostbusters II ghostbustersii
Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins ghostsngoblins
Ghouls ‘N Ghosts ghoulsnghosts
Giddy II – Hero in an Egg Shell giddyiiheroinaneggshell
Giganoid giganoid
Gilbert – Escape from Drill gilbertescapefromdrill
Gladiators gladiators
Global Effect globaleffect
Global Trek & Evil Dawn globaltrekevildawn
Globdule globdule
Gloom (AGA) gloomaga
Gloom Deluxe gloomdeluxe
Gluecksrad gluecksrad
Gnome gnome
Gnome Alone gnomealone
Gnome Ranger gnomeranger
Go Player goplayer
Gobliiins gobliiins
Gobliins 2 – The Prince Buffoon gobliins2theprincebuffoon
Goblins 3 goblins3
Godfather, The godfatherthe
Gods gods
Gold of the Americas – The Conquest of the New World goldoftheamericastheconquestofthenewworld
Gold of the Aztecs, The goldoftheaztecsthe
Gold of the Realm goldoftherealm
Gold Rush! goldrush
Golden Axe goldenaxe
Golden Eagle goldeneagle
Golden Oldies – Volume 1 goldenoldiesvolume1
Golden Path goldenpath
Golden Pyramid, The goldenpyramidthe
Goldrunner goldrunner
Goldrunner II goldrunnerii
Gotcha gotcha
Graeme Souness Soccer Manager graemesounesssoccermanager
Graeme Souness Vector Soccer graemesounessvectorsoccer
Graffiti Man graffitiman
Graham Gooch World Class Cricket grahamgoochworldclasscricket
Graham Taylors Soccer Challenge grahamtaylorssoccerchallenge
Grand Monster Slam grandmonsterslam
Grand Ouvert grandouvert
Grand Ouvert 2 grandouvert2
Grand Prix Circuit grandprixcircuit
Grand Slam grandslam
Granny’s Garden grannysgarden
Gravity gravity
Gravity-Force gravityforce
Great Courts greatcourts
Great Giana Sisters, The greatgianasistersthe
Great States II greatstatesii
Greg Norman’s Ultimate Golf – Shark Attack gregnormansultimategolfsharkattack
Gremlins II – The new batch gremlinsiithenewbatch
Grey Slayer greyslayer
Grimblood grimblood
Grossmeister grossmeister
Guardian (AGA) guardianaga
Guerilla in Bolivia guerillainbolivia
Guild of Thieves, The guildofthievesthe
Guldkorn Expressen guldkornexpressen
Gulp! gulp
Gunboat – River Combat Simulation gunboatrivercombatsimulation
Gunship gunship
Gunship 2000 gunship2000
Gunshoot gunshoot
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon guyspyandthecrystalsofarmageddon
H.A.T.E. – Hostile All Terrain Encounter hatehostileallterrainencounter
Halley Project, The – A Mission in Our Solar System halleyprojecttheamissioninoursolarsystem
Halls of Montezuma hallsofmontezuma
Hammer Boy! hammerboy
Hammerfist hammerfist
Hannibal hannibal
Hanse hanse
Hanse – Die Expedition hansedieexpedition
Hanse – Die Expedition (AGA) hansedieexpeditionaga
Happy Monster happymonster
Harald Hardtand – Kampen om de Rene Taender haraldhardtandkampenomderenetaender
Hard Drivin’ harddrivin
Hard Drivin’ II – Drive Harder harddriviniidriveharder
HardBall II hardballii
HardBall! hardball
Harlequin harlequin
Harley-Davidson – The Road to Sturgis harleydavidsontheroadtosturgis
Harricana – Raid International Motoneige – Quebec-Canada 90 harricanaraidinternationalmotoneigequebeccanada90
Harry’s Balloons (AGA) harrysballoonsaga
Haus, Das hausdas
Head Over Heels hoh
Head Over Heels headoverheels
Heart of China heartofchina
Heat Wave – Offshore Superboat Racing heatwaveoffshoresuperboatracing
Heavy Metal heavymetal
Heimdall heimdall
Heimdall 2 – Into the Hall of Worlds heimdall2intothehallofworlds
Heimdall 2 – Into the Hall of Worlds (AGA) heimdall2intothehallofworldsaga
Helicopter Mission helicoptermission
Heliosfera heliosfera
Hell Raiser hellraiser
Hellbent hellbent
Hellfire Attack hellfireattack
Hellraider hellraider
Hellrun Machine, The hellrunmachinethe
Helter Skelter helterskelter
Henry’s House henryshouse
Hero’s Quest – So You Want to Be a Hero herosquestsoyouwanttobeahero
Heroes of the Lance heroesofthelance
HeroQuest heroquest
HeroQuest – Return of the Witch Lord heroquestreturnofthewitchlord
HeroQuest II – Legacy of Sorasil heroquestiilegacyofsorasil
Hexuma – Das Auge des Kal hexumadasaugedeskal
High Seas Trader (AGA) highseastraderaga
High Steel highsteel
Highway Hawks highwayhawks
Hill Street Blues hillstreetblues
Hilt – Against the Hoardes hiltagainstthehoardes
Hired Guns hiredguns
Hirnriss hirnriss
Historyline 1914-1918 historyline19141918
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The hitchhikersguidetothegalaxythe
Hockey Pista hockeypista
Hoi hoi
Hoi Remix (AGA) hoiremixaga
Hole-In-One Miniature Golf holeinoneminiaturegolf
Holiday Lemmings 1993 holidaylemmings1993
Holiday Lemmings 1994 holidaylemmings1994
Holiday Maker holidaymaker
Hollywood Hijinx hollywoodhijinx
Hollywood Hustler hollywoodhustler
Hollywood Poker hollywoodpoker
Holo Squash holosquash
Home Alone homealone
Hong Kong Phooey hongkongphooey
Hook hook
Hostages hostages
Hot Rubber hotrubber
Hotel Detective hoteldetective
Hoversprint hoversprint
Hoyle’s Official Book of Games Volume 1 hoylesofficialbookofgamesvolume1
Hoyle’s Official Book of Games Volume 2 – Solitaire hoylesofficialbookofgamesvolume2solitaire
Hoyle’s Official Book of Games Volume 3 – Great Board Games hoylesofficialbookofgamesvolume3greatboardgames
Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers huckleberryhoundinhollywoodcapers
Hudson Hawk hudsonhawk
Hugo – Pa Nye Eventyr hugopanyeeventyr
Hugo – Pa Nye Eventyr Del 2 hugopanyeeventyrdel2
Human Killing Machine humankillingmachine
Human Race – The Jurassic Levels humanracethejurassiclevels
Humans III, The – Evolution Lost in Time (AGA) humansiiitheevolutionlostintimeaga
Humans, The humansthe
Hunt for Red October, The huntforredoctoberthe
Hunt for Red October, The – The Movie huntforredoctoberthethemovie
Hunter hunter
Hunter Killer hunterkiller
Hurricane Commando hurricanecommando
Hybris hybris
Hydra hydra
Hyperdome hyperdome
Hyperforce & Artificial Dreams hyperforceartificialdreams
Hyperion hyperion
I Play 3-D Soccer iplay3dsoccer
Ian Botham’s Cricket ianbothamscricket
Iceball iceball
Icerunner icerunner
IK+ ik
IK+ ikp
Ikari Warriors ikariwarriors
Ilyad ilyad
Imagems imagems
Immortal, The immortalthe
Impossamole impossamole
Impossible Mission 2025 – The Special Edition impossiblemission2025thespecialedition
Impossible Mission 2025 – The Special Edition (AGA) impossiblemission2025thespecialeditionaga
Impossible Mission II impossiblemissionii
In 80 Days Around the World in80daysaroundtheworld
In the Beginning inthebeginning
In the Dead of the Night inthedeadofthenight
Incredible Crash Dummies, The incrediblecrashdummiesthe
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – The Action Game indianajonesandthefateofatlantistheactiongame
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – The Graphic Adventure indianajonesandthefateofatlantisthegraphicadventure
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – The Action Game indianajonesandthelastcrusadetheactiongame
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – The Graphic Adventure indianajonesandthelastcrusadethegraphicadventure
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom indianajonesandthetempleofdoom
Indianapolis 500 – The Simulation indianapolis500thesimulation
Indigo indigo
Indy Heat indyheat
Inertia Drive inertiadrive
Inferior inferior
Infestation infestation
Infidel infidel
Innocent Until Caught innocentuntilcaught
Insanity Fight insanityfight
Insector Hecti in the Inter Change insectorhectiintheinterchange
Insects in Space insectsinspace
Intact intact
International 3D Tennis international3dtennis
International Championship Athletics internationalchampionshipathletics
International Golf internationalgolf
International Ninja Rabbits internationalninjarabbits
International One Day Cricket internationalonedaycricket
International Open Golf Championship (AGA) internationalopengolfchampionshipaga
International Soccer internationalsoccer
International Soccer Challenge internationalsoccerchallenge
International Tennis internationaltennis
Interphase interphase
InvaderCraft invadercraft
Inve$t invet
Iron Hand ironhand
Iron Lord ironlord
Iron Trackers irontrackers
Ishar – Legend of the Fortress isharlegendofthefortress
Ishar – Legend of the Fortress (AGA) isharlegendofthefortressaga
Ishar 2 – Messengers of Doom ishar2messengersofdoom
Ishar 2 – Messengers of Doom (AGA) ishar2messengersofdoomaga
Ishar 3 – The Seven Gates of Infinity ishar3thesevengatesofinfinity
Ishar 3 – The Seven Gates of Infinity (AGA) ishar3thesevengatesofinfinityaga
Ishido – The Way of Stones ishidothewayofstones
Island of Lost Hope, The islandoflosthopethe
ISS – Incredible Shrinking Sphere issincredibleshrinkingsphere
It Came from the Desert itcamefromthedesert
Italia 1990 italia1990
Italian Night 1999 italiannight1999
Italy ’90 Soccer italy90soccer
Italy 1990 italy1990
Italy 1990 – Winners Edition italy1990winnersedition
ITS Cricket – 1995 Edition itscricket1995edition
ITS Cricket – International Test Series itscricketinternationaltestseries
Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road ivanironmanstewartssuperoffroad
Ivanhoe ivanhoe
J.M. Aspar Master Grand Prix jmasparmastergrandprix
Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf jacknicklausgreatest18holesofmajorchampionshipgolf
Jaguar XJ220 jaguarxj220
Jahangir Khan’s World Championship Squash jahangirkhansworldchampionshipsquash
Jail Break jailbreak
James Pond – Underwater Agent jamespondunderwateragent
James Pond 2 – Codename RoboCod jamespond2codenamerobocod
James Pond 2 – Codename RoboCod (AGA) jamespond2codenamerobocodaga
James Pond 3 – Operation Starfish (AGA) jamespond3operationstarfishaga
Jara Tava – The Isle of Fire jaratavatheisleoffire
Jet jet
Jet Set Willy 3 jetsetwilly3
Jet Set Willy II jetsetwillyii
Jetstrike jetstrike
Jetstrike (AGA) jetstrikeaga
Jewels of Darkness Trilogy jewelsofdarknesstrilogy
Jigsaw Puzzlemania jigsawpuzzlemania
Jigsaw! – The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle jigsawtheultimateelectronicpuzzle
Jim Power jimpower
Jim Power in Mutant Planet jimpowerinmutantplanet
Jimmy White’s ‘Whirlwind’ Snooker jimmywhiteswhirlwindsnooker
Jimmy Willburne – A La Recherche du Peigne Perdu jimmywillburnealarecherchedupeigneperdu
Jocky Wilson’s Compendium of Darts jockywilsonscompendiumofdarts
Jocky Wilson’s Darts Challenge jockywilsonsdartschallenge
Joe & Mac – Caveman Ninja joemaccavemanninja
Joe Blade joeblade
Joe Blade 2 joeblade2
John Barnes European Football johnbarneseuropeanfootball
John Lowe’s Ultimate Darts johnlowesultimatedarts
John Madden American Football johnmaddenamericanfootball
Joker-Poker jokerpoker
Jonathan – The Next Artventure jonathanthenextartventure
Journey – The Quest Begins journeythequestbegins
Journey to the Center of the Earth journeytothecenteroftheearth
Judge Dredd judgedredd
Jump Em jumpem
Jump Jet jumpjet
Jumping Jack’Son jumpingjackson
Jumpman jumpman
Jumpman Junior jumpmanjunior
Jungle Boy jungleboy
Jungle Jim junglejim
Jungle Strike junglestrike
Jungle Strike (AGA) junglestrikeaga
Jupiter’s Masterdrive jupitersmasterdrive
Jurajski Sen jurajskisen
Jurassic Park jurassicpark
Jurassic Park (AGA) jurassicparkaga
Kalas Puffs Expressen kalaspuffsexpressen
Kamikaze kamikaze
Kampfgruppe kampfgruppe
Karamalz Cup – Eis Hockey karamalzcupeishockey
Karate Kid Part II, The karatekidpartiithe
Karate Master karatemaster
Karawane der Siebten Dynastie, Die karawanedersiebtendynastiedie
Karting Grand Prix kartinggrandprix
Katakis katakis
Keith’s Quest keithsquest
Kelly X kellyx
Kengi kengi
Kennedy Approach kennedyapproach
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match kennydalglishsoccermatch
Keyboard Cadet keyboardcadet
Keys to Maramon, The keystomaramonthe
Kick Off kickoff
Kick Off 2 kickoff2
Kick Off 3 kickoff3
KickIt – A Day for the Laiban kickitadayforthelaiban
Kid Chaos kidchaos
Kid Gloves kidgloves
Kids Type kidstype
Kids’ Academy – Which, Where, What kidsacademywhichwherewhat
Kikstart II kikstartii
Kikugi kikugi
Killerball killerball
Killing Cloud, The killingcloudthe
Killing Game Show, The killinggameshowthe
Killing Machine killingmachine
Kinderama kinderama
King’s Quest – Quest for the Crown kingsquestquestforthecrown
King’s Quest I – Quest for the Crown kingsquestiquestforthecrown
King’s Quest II – Romancing the Throne kingsquestiiromancingthethrone
King’s Quest III – To Heir is Human kingsquestiiitoheirishuman
King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella kingsquestivtheperilsofrosella
King’s Quest V – Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder kingsquestvabsencemakestheheartgoyonder
King’s Quest VI – Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow kingsquestviheirtodaygonetomorrow
Kingdoms of England kingdomsofengland
Kingdoms of Germany kingdomsofgermany
Kiro’s Quest kirosquest
Klax klax
Klondike Deluxe v1.1 klondikedel
Knight Orc knightorc
Knightmare knightmare
Knights knights
Knights of the Crystallion knightsofthecrystallion
Knock Out 2 knockout2
Kreuz As ‘Poker’ kreuzaspoker
Kristal, The kristalthe
Krusty’s Fun House krustysfunhouse
Krymini krymini
Krypton Egg kryptonegg
Kwasimodo kwasimodo
Kwatermaster kwatermaster
Kwik Snax kwiksnax
Lamborghini American Challenge lamborghiniamericanchallenge
Lancaster lancaster
Lancelot lancelot
Land of Genesis logenesis
Land of the Unicorn landoftheunicorn
Landsitz von Mortville, Der landsitzvonmortvilleder
Laser Squad lasersquad
Lasermania 2 lasermania2
Last Action Hero lastactionhero
Last Battle lastbattle
Last Inca, The lastincathe
Last Ninja Remix lastninjaremix
Leader Board leaderboard
Leading Lap MPV leadinglapmpv
Leading Lap MPV (AGA) leadinglapmpvaga
League Challenge leaguechallenge
Leander leander
Leavin’ Teramis leavinteramis
Leeds United Champions! leedsunitedchampions
Legend legend
Legend of Djel legendofdjel
Legend of Faerghail legendoffaerghail
Legend of Kyrandia, The – Book One legendofkyrandiathebookone
Legend of Lothian legendoflothian
Legend of the Sword legendofthesword
Legends (AGA) legendsaga
Leisure Suit Larry – In the Land of the Lounge Lizards leisuresuitlarryinthelandoftheloungelizards
Leisure Suit Larry 1 – In the Land of the Lounge Lizards leisuresuitlarry1inthelandoftheloungelizards
Leisure Suit Larry 2 – Goes Looking for Love leisuresuitlarry2goeslookingforlove
Leisure Suit Larry 3 – Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals leisuresuitlarry3passionatepattiinpursuitofthepulsatingpectorals
Leisure Suit Larry 5 – Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work leisuresuitlarry5passionatepattidoesalittleundercoverwork
Lemmings lemmings
Lemmings 2 – The Tribes lemmings2thetribes
Leonardo leonardo
Les Manley in Search for the King lesmanleyinsearchfortheking
Let’s Spell at Home letsspellathome
Let’s Spell Out and About letsspelloutandabout
Lethal Formula lethalformula
Lethal Weapon lethalweapon
Lethal Xcess lethalxcess
Lethal Zone lethalzone
Lettrix lettrix
Liberation – Captive II liberationcaptiveii
Licence to Kill licencetokill
Life & Death lifedeath
Light Corridor, The lightcorridorthe
Lightforce lightforce
Limes & Napoleon limesnapoleon
Lin Wu’s Challenge linwuschallenge
Line of Fire lineoffire
Lingo lingo
Lion King, The (AGA) lionkingtheaga
Lionheart lionheart
Liquid Kids liquidkids
Little Computer People littlecomputerpeople
Little Wizards littlewizards
Live and Let Die – The Computer Game liveandletdiethecomputergame
Liverpool – The Computer Game liverpoolthecomputergame
Living Jigsaw livingjigsaw
Llamatron – 2112 llamatron2112
Locomotion locomotion
LodeRunner loderunner
Logo logo
Long Lance longlance
Loom loom
Loopz loopz
Lord of the Rings – Vol. 1 lordoftheringsvol1
Lords of Doom lordsofdoom
Lords of the Realm lordsoftherealm
Lords of the Realm (AGA) lordsoftherealmaga
Lords of the Rising Sun lordsoftherisingsun
Lords of Time lordsoftime
Lords of War lordsofwar
Lorna lorna
Lost Dutchman Mine lostdutchmanmine
Lost in Mine lostinmine
Lost Patrol, The lostpatrolthe
Lost Vikings, The lostvikingsthe
Lothar Matthaeus – Die Interaktive Fussballsimulation lotharmatthaeusdieinteraktivefussballsimulation
Lothar Matthaeus Super Soccer lotharmatthaeussupersoccer
Lotus 2 Turbo Challenge lotus2
Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge lotus3
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge lotusespritturbochallenge
Lotus III – The Ultimate Challenge lotusiiitheultimatechallenge
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 lotusturbochallenge2
Lowca Glow lowcaglow
Lunar-C lunarc
Lupo Alberto – The Videogame lupoalbertothevideogame
Lure of the Temptress lureofthetemptress
Lurking Horror, The lurkinghorrorthe
M.U.D.S. – Mean Ugly Dirty Sport mudsmeanuglydirtysport
M1 Tank Platoon m1tankplatoon
Mach 3 mach3
Mad Professor Mariarti madprofessormariarti
Mad TV madtv
Mafdet and the Book of the Dead mafdetandthebookofthedead
Magic Boy magicboy
Magic Coins magiccoins
Magic Garden, The magicgardenthe
Magic Johnson’s Basketball magicjohnsonsbasketball
Magic Lines magiclines
Magic Marble magicmarble
Magic Pockets magicpockets
Magicland Dizzy magiclanddizzy
Magiczna Ksiega magicznaksiega
Magnetic Scrolls Collection, The magneticscrollscollectionthe
Major Motion majormotion
Malta Storm maltastorm
Manager manager
Manchester United – Premier League Champions manchesterunitedpremierleaguechampions
Manchester United – The Double manchesterunitedthedouble
Manchester United – The Official Computer Game manchesterunitedtheofficialcomputergame
Manchester United Europe manchesterunitedeurope
Manhunter – New York manhunternewyork
Manhunter 2 – San Francisco manhunter2sanfrancisco
Maniac Mansion maniacmansion
Manoir de Mortvielle, Le manoirdemortviellele
Marathon marathon
Marble Madness marblemadness
Marble Rescue marblerescue
Maria’s Christmas Box mariaschristmasbox
Marvin’s Marvellous Adventure (AGA) marvinsmarvellousadventureaga
Master Axe – The Genesis of MysterX masteraxethegenesisofmysterx
Masterblazer masterblazer
MasterType mastertype
Match of the Day matchoftheday
Match Pairs matchpairs
Match-It matchit
Math Blaster Plus! mathblasterplus
Math Wizard mathwizard
Math-A-Magician mathamagician
Maths Dragons mathsdragons
Maths Monkey mathsmonkey
Matrix matrix
Matrix Marauders matrixmarauders
Mau-Mau maumau
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing mavisbeaconteachestyping
Mayday Squad Heroes maydaysquadheroes
Mayhem mayhem
Mean 18 – Ultimate Golf mean18ultimategolf
Mean Arenas meanarenas
Mean Machine meanmachine
Medal Winner medalwinner
Medieval Warriors medievalwarriors
Mega lo Mania megalomania
Mega Motion megamotion
Mega Phoenix megaphoenix
Mega Twins megatwins
Mega Typhoon megatyphoon
Megaroids megaroids
MegArts Hockey megartshockey
MegaTraveller 1 – The Zhodani Conspiracy megatraveller1thezhodaniconspiracy
MegaTraveller 2 – Quest for the Ancients megatraveller2questfortheancients
Menace menace
Mercenary – Escape from Targ & The Second City mercenaryescapefromtargthesecondcity
Mercenary III – The Dion Crisis mercenaryiiithedioncrisis
Mercs mercs
Merv the Merciless mervthemerciless
Metagalactic Llamas – Battle at the Edge of Time metagalacticllamasbattleattheedgeoftime
Metal Law metallaw
Metal Masters metalmasters
Metal Mutant metalmutant
Meteors meteors
MF Tanks mftanks
Miami Chase miamichase
Miasto Smierci miastosmierci
Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators mickmackastheglobalgladiators
Mickey’s 123’s – The Big Surprise Party mickeys123sthebigsurpriseparty
Mickey’s ABC’s – A Day at the Fair mickeysabcsadayatthefair
Mickey’s Memory Challenge mickeysmemorychallenge
Micro Machines micromachines
Microbattle microbattle
Microbes microbes
MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix microproseformulaonegrandprix
MicroProse Golf microprosegolf
MicroProse Soccer microprosesoccer
Midnight Resistance midnightresistance
Midwinter midwinter
Midwinter II – Flames of Freedom midwinteriiflamesoffreedom
MiG-29 Fulcrum mig29fulcrum
MiG-29 Soviet Fighter mig29sovietfighter
MiG-29M Super Fulcrum mig29msuperfulcrum
Might & Magic III – Isles of Terra mightmagiciiiislesofterra
Might and Magic II – Gates to Another World mightandmagiciigatestoanotherworld
Miki miki
Mikro Mortal Tennis mikromortaltennis
Millennium 2.2 millennium22
Mind Force mindforce
Mind Walker mindwalker
Mindbender mindbender
Mindbreaker mindbreaker
Mindfighter mindfighter
Mindroll mindroll
Mindshadow mindshadow
Mini Golf Plus minigolfplus
Minos minos
Minskies Furballs – The Abduction minskiesfurballstheabduction
Mirror Magic mirrormagic
Misja Harolda misjaharolda
Mission – Con-Bat missionconbat
Mission Andromeda missionandromeda
Mission Elevator missionelevator
Mistrz Polski Manager ’96 mistrzpolskimanager96
Mixed-Up Mother Goose mixedupmothergoose
Moebius – The Orb of Celestial Harmony moebiustheorbofcelestialharmony
Money Cascade Professional Fruit Machine moneycascadeprofessionalfruitmachine
Money-Player Professional moneyplayerprofessional
Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge monkeyisland2lechucksrevenge
Monster (AGA) monsteraga
Monster Business monsterbusiness
Monty Python’s Flying Circus montypythonsflyingcircus
Moochies, The moochiesthe
Moon Blaster moonblaster
Moonbase – Lunar Colony Simulator moonbaselunarcolonysimulator
Moonfall moonfall
Moonmist moonmist
Moonshine Racers moonshineracers
Moonstone – A Hard Days Knight moonstoneaharddaysknight
Moonwalker moonwalker
Morph morph
Morph (AGA) morphaga
Mortal Kombat mortalkombat
Mortal Kombat II mortalkombatii
Mortal Weapon mortalweapon
Morton Strikes Back mortonstrikesback
Mortville Manor mortvillemanor
Mot mot
Motor Massacre motormassacre
Motorhead motorhead
Motorola Invaders 2 motoinv2
Motorola Invaders 2 (AGA) motorolainvaders2aga
Mouse Trap mousetrap
Movem movem
Mover mover
Moving moving
Mr Blobby mrblobby
Mr Do! Run Run mrdorunrun
Mr. Heli mrheli
Mr. Nutz – Hoppin’ Mad mrnutzhoppinmad
Multi Player Soccer Manager multiplayersoccermanager
Multi Zocker multizocker
Multi-Player Yahtzee multiplayeryahtzee
Murder murder
Murders in Venice murdersinvenice
Muzzy muzzy
My Funny Maze myfunnymaze
Mysterious Worlds mysteriousworlds
Mystery of the Mummy mysteryofthemummy
Mystical mystical
Myth myth
Myth – History in the Making mythhistoryinthemaking
Napolean I napoleani
Narc narc
Nathan Never nathannever
Nations of the World – Australia nationsoftheworldaustralia
Nations of the World – Canada nationsoftheworldcanada
Naughty Ones naughtyones
Naughty Ones (AGA) naughtyonesaga
Navy Moves navymoves
Navy Seals navyseals
Nebula – The Wars of Uropa nebulathewarsofuropa
Nebulus nebulus
Nebulus 2 – Pogo a gogo nebulus2pogoagogo
Necronom necronom
Neighbours neighbours
Netherworld netherworld
Neuromancer neuromancer
Neuronics neuronics
Never Mind nevermind
New Zealand Story, The newzealandstorythe
Nibby Nibble nibby
Nick Faldo’s Championship Golf nickfaldoschampionshipgolf
Nicky Boom nickyboom
Nicky II nickyii
Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix nigelmansellsgrandprix
Nigel Mansell’s World Championship (AGA) nigelmansellsworldchampionshipaga
Night Hunter nighthunter
Night Shift nightshift
Night Walk nightwalk
Nightdawn nightdawn
Ninja Gaiden II – The Dark Sword of Chaos ninjagaideniithedarkswordofchaos
Ninja Mission ninjamission
Ninja Spirit ninjaspirit
Nipper versus the Kats nipperversusthekats
Nippon Safes Inc. nipponsafesinc
Nitro Boost Challenge nitroboostchallenge
No Exit noexit
No Greater Glory – The American Civil War nogreaterglorytheamericancivilwar
No Second Prize nosecondprize
Nobunaga’s Ambition nobunagasambition
Noche de Walpurgis, La nochedewalpurgisla
Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Head or Tail of It nordandbertcouldntmakeheadortailofit
North & South northsouth
Nova 9 – The Return of Gir Draxon nova9thereturnofgirdraxon
Nuclear War nuclearwar
Nucleus nucleus
O.B.Y. I obyi
Oath, The oaththe
Oberon 69 oberon69
Obitus obitus
Obliterator obliterator
Obsession obsession
Obstickle obstickle
Odyssey odyssey
Official Everton FC Intelligensia, The officialevertonfcintelligensiathe
Official Rangers Football Club Game, The officialrangersfootballclubgamethe
Ogre ogre
Oh No! More Lemmings ohnomorelemmings
Oilmania oilmania
Oldtimer – Erlebte Geschichte Teil II oldtimererlebtegeschichteteilii
Olimpiada ’96 olimpiada96
Oliver & Company olivercompany
Olympique de Marseille olympiquedemarseille
Omar Sharif’s Bridge omarsharifsbridge
Omega omega
Omicron Conspiracy omicronconspiracy
Omni-Play Horse Racing omniplayhorseracing
On the Ball – World Cup Edition ontheballworldcupedition
On the Road ontheroad
OnEscapee onescapee
Onslaught onslaught
Oo-Topos ootopos
Ooze – Creepy Nites oozecreepynites
Operation – Cleanstreets operationcleanstreets
Operation Com-bat operationcombat
Operation Firestorm operationfirestorm
Operation Harrier operationharrier
Operation Jupiter operationjupiter
Operation Neptune operationneptune
Operation Overlord – The Invasion of Europe operationoverlordtheinvasionofeurope
Operation Stealth operationstealth
Operation Thunderbolt operationthunderbolt
Operation Wolf operationwolf
Oriental Games orientalgames
Ork ork
Ork Attack: The Return orkret
Oscar oscar
Oscar (AGA) oscaraga
Osiris osiris
OsWALD of the Ice Floes oswaldoftheicefloes
Out Run outrun
Out Run Europa outruneuropa
Outfall outfall
Outlands outlands
Outzone outzone
Overdrive overdrive
Overdrive Infacto overdriveinfacto
Overkill (AGA) overkillaga
Overlander overlander
Overlord overlord
Overrun! – A Tactical Game of Modern Land Warfare overrunatacticalgameofmodernlandwarfare
Oxxonian oxxonian
Oxyd oxyd
Oxyd Magnum! oxydmagnum
P.O.W. pow
P.P. Hammer and His Pneumatic Weapon pphammerandhispneumaticweapon
P47 Thunderbolt p47thunderbolt
Pac-Land pacland
Pac-Man ’96 pacman96
Pac-Mania pacmania
Pacboy & Shooting Star pacboyshootingstar
Pacific Islands pacificislands
Paint It paintit
Pandora pandora
Pang pang
Panza Kick Boxing panzakickboxing
Panzer Battles panzerbattles
Paperboy paperboy
Paperboy 2 paperboy2
Parachute Joust parachj
Paradox paradox
Paradox Effect II, The paradoxeffectiithe
Paradox Effect, The paradoxeffectthe
Paradroid 90 paradroid90
Paragliding paragliding
Paramax paramax
Parasite parasite
Parasol Stars – Rainbow Islands 2 parasolstarsrainbowislands2
Paris Dakar parisdakar
Paris Dakar 1990 parisdakar1990
Passagers du Vent, Les passagersduventles
Passengers on the Wind passengersonthewind
Passing Shot passingshot
Patience I patiencei
Patience II patienceii
Patrician, The patricianthe
Patrizier, Der patrizierder
Pechowy Prezent pechowyprezent
Penguins (AGA) penguinsaga
Penthouse Hot Numbers penthousehotnumbers
Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe penthousehotnumbersdeluxe
Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe (AGA) penthousehotnumbersdeluxeaga
Pepe’s Garden pepesgarden
Pepsi – All Over the World pepsiallovertheworld
Perfect General, The perfectgeneralthe
Perihelion – The Prophecy periheliontheprophecy
Persecutors persecutors
Personal Nightmare personalnightmare
Peter Beardsley’s International Football peterbeardsleysinternationalfootball
Peter Pan peterpan
Peter Schmeichel Soccer peterschmeichelsoccer
PGA European Tour (AGA) pgaeuropeantouraga
PGA Tour Golf pgatourgolf
Phalanx phalanx
Phantasie phantasie
Phantasie III – The Wrath of Nikademus phantasieiiithewrathofnikademus
Phantom Fighter phantomfighter
Pharoah’s Curse pharoahscurse
Phobia phobia
Pick Out pickout
Pick’n Pile picknpile
Pictionary pictionary
Piece ‘n’ Space piecenspace
Pierre le Chef is… Out to Lunch (AGA) pierrelechefisouttolunchaga
Pinball Dreams pinballdreams
Pinball Fantasies pinballfantasies
Pinball I.Q. pinballiq
Pinball Illusions (AGA) pinballillusionsaga
Pinball Mania (AGA) pinballmaniaaga
Pinball Prelude pinballprelude
Pinball Prelude (AGA) pinballpreludeaga
Pink Panther pinkpanther
Pioneer Plague, The pioneerplaguethe
Pipe Dream pipedream
Pipe Mania pipemania
Pipe Master II pipemasterii
Pipe Panic pipepanic
Pipe Rider piperider
Pipeline pipeline
Pirates! pirates
Pit-Fighter pitfighter
Pixie & Dixie pixiedixie
Plague, The plaguethe
Plan 9 From Outer Space plan9fromouterspace
Planet of Lust planetoflust
Planetfall planetfall
Plat-Man platman
Platoon platoon
Player Manager playermanager
Player Manager 2 playermanager2
Playroom, The playroomthe
Plexu plexu
Plotting plotting
Plundered Hearts plunderedhearts
Plutos plutos
Pocket Rockets pocketrockets
Pod pod
Poker Nights – Teresa Personally pokernightsteresapersonally
Police Quest – In Pursuit of the Death Angel policequestinpursuitofthedeathangel
Police Quest II – The Vengeance policequestiithevengeance
Police Quest III – The Kindred policequestiiithekindred
Poltergeist poltergeist
Pong ’91 pong91
Pool pool
Pool of Radiance poolofradiance
Pools of Darkness poolsofdarkness
Pop-Up popup
Popeye 2 popeye2
Popeye 3 – WrestleCrazy popeye3wrestlecrazy
Populous populous
Populous II – Trials of the Olympian Gods populousiitrialsoftheolympiangods
Portal portal
Portes du Temps, Les portesdutempsles
Ports of Call portsofcall
Postman Pat postmanpat
Postman Pat 3 – To the Rescue! postmanpat3totherescue
Power Drift powerdrift
Power Drive powerdrive
Power Pac powerpac
Power Pinball powerpinball
Power Roller powerroller
Power Walls powerwalls
Power, The powerthe
Powerboat USA – Offshore Superboat Racing powerboatusaoffshoresuperboatracing
Powerdrome powerdrome
PowerMonger powermonger
Powerplay – Le Jeu des Dieux powerplaylejeudesdieux
Powerplay – The Game of the Gods powerplaythegameofthegods
Powerstyx powerstyx
Prawo Krwi (AGA) prawokrwiaga
Predator predator
Prehistorik prehistorik
Preis ist Heiss, Der preisistheissder
Premier Manager premiermanager
Premier Manager 2 premiermanager2
Premiere premiere
President is Missing, The presidentismissingthe
Prime Mover primemover
Prime Time primetime
Prince prince
Prince of Persia princeofpersia
Prison prison
Pro PowerBoat Simulator propowerboatsimulator
Pro Tennis Simulator protennissimulator
Pro Tennis Tour protennistour
Pro Tennis Tour 2 protennistour2
ProFlight proflight
Project 1 project1
Project Battlefield projectbattlefield
Project Intercalaris projectintercalaris
Project-X projectx
Project-X – Special Edition 93 projectxspecialedition93
Projectyle projectyle
Projekt Ikarus projektikarus
ProSoccer 2190 prosoccer2190
Protector protector
Psyborg psyborg
Psycho psycho
Psycho Squares Deluxe psychosquaresdeluxe
Pub Trivia Simulator pubtriviasimulator
Pucman Worlds pucmanw
Puffy’s Saga puffyssaga
Punisher, The punisherthe
Punkt Punkt Punkt punktpunktpunkt
Purple Saturn Day purplesaturnday
Pursuit to Earth, The pursuittoearththe
Push ‘N Pull pushpull
Push-Over pushover
Putty putty
Putty Squad puttysquad
Puzzle Storybook, The puzzlestorybookthe
Puzznic puzznic
Q-Bic qbic
Qattro qattro
QBall qball
Qix qix
Quadrel quadrel
Quadrix quadrix
Quantox quantox
Quartz quartz
Quasar Wars (AGA) quasarwarsaga
Quest for Glory II – Trial by Fire questforgloryiitrialbyfire
Quest for the Time-Bird, The questforthetimebirdthe
Quest of Agravain, The questofagravainthe
Question of Sport, A questionofsporta
Questron II questronii
Quete de l’Oiseau du Temps, La quetedeloiseaudutempsla
Quicksilver Pinball quicksilverpinball
Quik the Thunder Rabbit quikthethunderrabbit
Qwak qwak
R-Type rtype
R-Type II rtypeii
Race Drivin’ racedrivin
Racing Maniacs rmaniacs
Rad van Fortuin radvanfortuin
Radio Controlled Racer radiocontrolledracer
Raffles raffles
Rage rage
Railroad Tycoon railroadtycoon
Rainbow Islands rainbowislands
Rainy Day Disk, The rainydaydiskthe
Rally Championships rallychampionships
Rally Championships (AGA) rallychampionshipsaga
Rally Cross Challenge rallycrosschallenge
Rallye Master rallyemaster
Rambo III ramboiii
Rampart rampart
RanX ranx
Rasende Reporter, Der rasendereporterder
RasterBike rasterbike
Rat Trap rattrap
Reach for the Stars – Conquest of the Galaxy – Third Edition reachforthestarsconquestofthegalaxythirdedition
Read & Rhyme readrhyme
Real Genius realgenius
Realm of the Trolls realmofthetrolls
Realm of the Warlock realmofthewarlock
Realms realms
Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny realmsofarkaniabladeofdestiny
Reasoning with Trolls reasoningwithtrolls
Rebel Charge at Chickamauga rebelchargeatchickamauga
Rebellion rebellion
Rectangle rectangle
Red Baron redbaron
Red Lightning redlightning
Red Storm Rising redstormrising
Red Zone redzone
Reel Fish’n reelfishn
Renaissance renaissance
Renegade renegade
Rescue rescue
Rescue 2 rescue2
Retee 2! retee2
Retee! retee
Return to Atlantis returntoatlantis
Return to Genesis returntogenesis
Reunion reunion
Revelation! revelation
Revenge of the Mutant Camels revengeofthemutantcamels
Reverse reverse
Reversi reversi
Rick Dangerous rickdangerous
Rick Dangerous 2 rickdangerous2
Rick Dangerous 2.5 rickdangerous25
Rings of Medusa ringsofmedusa
Ringside Boxing ringsideboxing
Rise of the Dragon riseofthedragon
Rise of the Robots riseoftherobots
Rise of the Robots (AGA) riseoftherobotsaga
Rise of the West riseofthewest
Risk risk
Risk – The World Conquest Game risktheworldconquestgame
Riskant! riskant
Risky Woods riskywoods
Road Blasters roadblasters
Road Raider roadraider
Road Rash roadrash
Roadkill (AGA) roadkillaga
Roadwar 2000 roadwar2000
Roadwar Europa roadwareuropa
Roadwars roadwars
Robbeary robbeary
Robin Heed robinheed
Robin Hood – Legend Quest robinhoodlegendquest
Robin Smith’s International Cricket robinsmithsinternationalcricket
Robocop robocop
RoboCop 2 robocop2
RoboCop 3 robocop3
RoboSport robosport
Robot Reader – Chicken Little robotreaderchickenlittle
Robotnic robotnic
Robozone robozone
Rock Star Ate My Hamster rockstaratemyhamster
Rock’n Roll rocknroll
Rocket Attack rocketattack
Rocket Ranger rocketranger
Rockford – The Arcade Game rockfordthearcadegame
RockStar – Never Trust Rotten Tangerines rockstarnevertrustrottentangerines
Rocky rocky
Rod-Land rodland
Roketz roketz
Roketz (AGA) roketzaga
Roll or Die rollordie
Roll-out rollout
RollerBall rollerball
Rollerpede rollerpede
Rolling Stones rollingstones
Rolling Thunder rollingthunder
Romance of the Three Kingdoms romanceofthethreekingdoms
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II romanceofthethreekingdomsii
Romantic Encounters at the Dome romanticencountersatthedome
Rorke’s Drift rorkesdrift
Roton roton
Rotox rotox
Roue de la Fortune, La rouedelafortunela
Roulette-Royal rouletteroyal
Round the Bend! – Doc Croc’s Outrageous Adventures! roundthebenddoccrocsoutrageousadventures
Roundabout roundabout
Rubicon rubicon
Ruff ‘n’ Tumble ruffntumble
Ruffian ruffian
Rugby – The World Cup rugbytheworldcup
Rugby Coach rugbycoach
Rugby League Coach rugbyleaguecoach
Rules of Engagement rulesofengagement
Running Man, The runningmanthe
RVF Honda rvfhonda
Rycerze Mroku rycerzemroku
Ryder Cup – Johnnie Walker (AGA) rydercupjohnniewalkeraga
S.D.I. – Now the Odds are Even sdinowtheoddsareeven
S.T.A.G. stag
Sabre Team sabreteam
Sabre Team (AGA) sabreteamaga
Saint & Greavsie saintgreavsie
Saint Dragon saintdragon
Santa & Rudolph Do Christmas! santarud
Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio santaparaviaandfiumaccio
Santa’s Xmas Caper santasxmascaper
Sarakon sarakon
Sargon III sargoniii
SAS Combat Simulator sascombatsimulator
Sat.1 Bingo sat1bingo
Savage savage
Scapeghost scapeghost
Schelober’s Quest for a Babe schelobersquestforababe
Schwarze Auge, Das – Die Schicksalsklinge schwarzeaugedasdieschicksalsklinge
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo scoobydooandscrappydoo
Scorched Tanks scorchedtanks
Scorpio scorpio
Scorpion scorpion
Scrabble scrabble
Scramble Spirits scramblespirits
Scrolling Walls scrollingwalls
SeaHaven Towers seahaventowers
Seastalker seastalker
Second Samurai secondsamurai
Second Samurai (AGA) secondsamuraiaga
Seconds Out secondsout
Secret of Monkey Island, The secretofmonkeyislandthe
Secret of the Silver Blades secretofthesilverblades
Sen sen
Sensible Golf sensiblegolf
Sensible Soccer sensiblesoccer
Sensible Soccer – European Champions sensiblesoccereuropeanchampions
Sensible Soccer – International Edition sensiblesoccerinternationaledition
Sensible World of Moon Soccer sensibleworldofmoonsoccer
Sensible World of Soccer sensibleworldofsoccer
Sensible World of Soccer ’95-’96 sensibleworldofsoccer9596
Sensible World of Soccer ’95-’96 – European Championship Edition sensibleworldofsoccer9596europeanchampionshipedition
Sensible World of Soccer ’96-’97 sensibleworldofsoccer9697
Senso senso
Sentinel, The & Sentry, The sentinelthesentrythe
Serie serie
Settlers, The settlersthe
Seven Cities of Gold sevencitiesofgold
Seven Gates of Jambala, The sevengatesofjambalathe
Severed Heads severedheads
Sex Olympics sexolympics
Sex Vixens from Space sexvixensfromspace
Sextimates sextimates
Sexy Droids sexydroids
Seymour Goes to Hollywood seymourgoestohollywood
Shadow Dancer shadowdancer
Shadow Fighter shadowfighter
Shadow Fighter (AGA) shadowfighteraga
Shadow of the Beast shadowofthebeast
Shadow of the Beast II shadowofthebeastii
Shadow of the Beast III shadowofthebeastiii
Shadow Sorcerer shadowsorcerer
Shadow Warriors shadowwarriors
Shadowgate shadowgate
Shadowlands shadowlands
Shadoworlds shadoworlds
Shanghai shanghai
Shapes shapes
Shaq-Fu shaqfu
Sharkey’s Moll sharkeysmoll
Shepherd, The shepherdthe
Sherlock – The Riddle of the Crown Jewels sherlocktheriddleofthecrownjewels
Shiftrix shiftrix
Shinobi shinobi
ShockWave shockwave
Shoot ‘Em-Up Construction Kit shootemupconstructionkit
Shuffle shuffle
Shuffle Pix shufflepix
Shufflepuck Cafe shufflepuckcafe
Shuttle – The Space Flight Simulator shuttlethespaceflightsimulator
Side Arms sidearms
SideShow sideshow
SideWinder sidewinder
SideWinder II sidewinderii
Silent Service – The Submarine Simulation silentservicethesubmarinesimulation
Silent Service II silentserviceii
Silkworm silkworm
Silver Eagle silvereagle
Silver Star silverstar
SimAnt simant
SimCity simcity
SimLife simlife
Simon the Sorcerer simonthesorcerer
Simon the Sorcerer (AGA) simonthesorcereraga
Simpsons, The – Bart vs. The Space Mutants simpsonsthebartvsthespacemutants
Simpsons, The – Bart vs. The World simpsonsthebartvstheworld
Simulman 01 – Simulman simulman01simulman
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon sinbadandthethroneofthefalcon
Sink or Swim sinkorswim
Sir Fred – The Legend sirfredthelegend
Sirius 7 sirius7
Skarbnik skarbnik
SkidMarks skidmarks
Skidoo skidoo
Skidz skidz
Skrull skrull
Skweek skweek
Skyblaster skyblaster
SkyChase skychase
Skyfox skyfox
Skyfox II – The Cygnus Conflict skyfoxiithecygnusconflict
Skyworker skyworker
Slackskin & Flint slackskinflint
Slam Raid slamraid
Slam Tilt – The Pinball Game (AGA) slamtiltthepinballgameaga
Slayer slayer
Slaygon slaygon
Sleeping Gods Lie sleepinggodslie
Sleepwalker sleepwalker
Sleepwalker (AGA) sleepwalkeraga
Slider slider
Sliders sliders
Sliding sliding
Smash smash
Smash the Beast smashthebeast
Smus smus
Snakes and Ladders snakesandladders
Snapperazzi snapperazzi
Snare snare
Sneech sneech
Snoball in Hell snoballinhell
Snow Bros. snowbros
Snow Strike snowstrike
Soccer Kid soccerkid
Soccer Kid (AGA) soccerkidaga
Soccer King soccerking
Soccer Manager Plus soccermanagerplus
Soccer Pinball soccerpinball
Soccer Rivals soccerrivals
Soccer Supremo soccersupremo
Soeldner soeldner
Software Manager softwaremanager
Soko soko
Sol Negro solnegro
Soldier 2000 soldier2000
Soldier of Light soldieroflight
Solitaire Royale solitaireroyale
Solitaire’s Journey solitairesjourney
Sonic Boom sonicboom
Sony Game sonygame
Sooty & Sweep sootysweep
Sophelie sophelie
Sorcerer sorcerer
Sorcerer Lord sorcererlord
Sorceror’s Apprentice sorcerorsapprentice
Sorcery + sorcery
Sorefist sorefist
Soul Crystal soulcrystal
Space 1889 space1889
Space Ace spaceace
Space Ace II – Borf’s Revenge spaceaceiiborfsrevenge
Space Assault spaceassault
Space Bomber spacebomber
Space Bomber 2 spacebomber2
Space Bomber 3 spacebomber3
Space Conquest – A Galactic Odyssey spaceconquestagalacticodyssey
Space Crusade spacecrusade
Space Day spaceday
Space Dunk spacedunk
Space Fight spacefight
Space Gun spacegun
Space Harrier spaceharrier
Space Harrier II spaceharrierii
Space Hulk spacehulk
Space Knight spaceknight
Space Quest – The Sarien Encounter spacequestthesarienencounter
Space Quest I – Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter spacequestirogerwilcointhesarienencounter
Space Quest II – Vohaul’s Revenge spacequestiivohaulsrevenge
Space Quest III – The Pirates of Pestulon spacequestiiithepiratesofpestulon
Space Quest IV – Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers spacequestivrogerwilcoandthetimerippers
Space Ranger spaceranger
Space Rogue spacerogue
Space Station spacestation
Space Taxi 3 staxi3
Spatial Hyperdrive spatialhyperdrive
Special Forces specialforces
Speed speed
Speedball speedball
Speedball 2 – Brutal Deluxe speedball2brutaldeluxe
Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe speedball2
Speedboat Assassins speedboatassassins
Speedrunner speedrunner
Spell Book spellbook
Spellbound Dizzy & Dizzy Panic spellbounddizzydizzypanic
Spellbound! spellbound
Spellbreaker spellbreaker
Speris Legacy, The (AGA) sperislegacytheaga
Spherical spherical
Spiderman – Il ritorno di Hobgoblin spidermanilritornodihobgoblin
Spiderman 2 – …e ora, Carnage! spiderman2eoracarnage
Spiderman 3 – Destino Incrociato! spiderman3destinoincrociato
Spidertronic spidertronic
Spike in Transylvania spikeintransylvania
Spindizzy Worlds spindizzyworlds
Spinworld spinworld
Spirit of Excalibur spiritofexcalibur
Spitting Image spittingimage
Spoils of War spoilsofwar
Spy vs Spy spyvsspy
Spy vs Spy II – The Island Caper spyvsspyiitheislandcaper
Spy vs Spy III – Arctic Antics spyvsspyiiiarcticantics
Spy Who Loved Me, The spywholovedmethe
Squamble squamble
Squarestone squarestone
St. Thomas stthomas
Stable Masters stablemasters
Stable Masters II stablemastersii
Stable Masters III stablemastersiii
Stack Up stackup
Stadt der Loewen, Die stadtderloewendie
Stalingrad stalingrad
Star Breaker starbreaker
Star Command starcommand
Star Goose! stargoose
Star Trash startrash
Star Wars starwars
Star Wars – Return of the Jedi starwarsreturnofthejedi
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back starwarstheempirestrikesback
Star-blaze starblaze
Starcross starcross
Stardust stardust
Starflight starflight
Starflight II – Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula starflightiitraderoutesofthecloudnebula
Starglider starglider
Starglider 2 starglider2
Starians starians
StarRay starray
Starush starush
Starways starways
Stationfall stationfall
Statix statix
Steel steel
Steg the Slug stegtheslug
Steigenberger Hotelmanager steigenbergerhotelmanager
Stellar 7 stellar7
Stellar Crusade stellarcrusade
Stellaryrx stellaryrx
Sternsiedler sternsiedler
Stone Age stoneage
Storm Across Europe – The War in Europe – 1939-45 stormacrosseuropethewarineurope193945
Storm Master stormmaster
Stormlord stormlord
Stormtrooper stormtrooper
Stratego stratego
Street Fighter streetfighter
Street Fighter II – The World Warrior streetfighteriitheworldwarrior
Street Gang streetgang
Street Racer streetracer
Street Rod streetrod
Street Rod 2 streetrod2
Street Sports Basketball streetsportsbasketball
Stres stres
Strider strider
Strider II striderii
Strike Force Harrier strikeforceharrier
Strikefleet strikefleet
Striker striker
Strikes -N- Spares strikesnspares
Strikes -N- Spares Professional strikesnsparesprofessional
Strip Poker strippoker
Strip Poker II+ strippokerii
Strip Pot (AGA) strippotaga
Struggle struggle
Stunt Car Racer stuntcarracer
Sturmtruppen – The Video Game sturmtruppenthevideogame
Sub Battle Simulator subbattlesimulator
Sub Rally subrally
Subbuteo – The Computer Game subbuteothecomputergame
Subtrade – Return to Irata subtradereturntoirata
Suburban Commando suburbancommando
Subwar 2050 (AGA) subwar2050aga
Suicide Mission suicidemission
Summer Camp summercamp
Summer Games summergames
Summer Games II summergamesii
Summer Olympiad summerolympiad
Sun Crosswords, The – Vol. 1 & 2 suncrosswordsthevol12
Sun Crosswords, The – Vol. 3 & 4 suncrosswordsthevol34
Sunny Spells sunnyspells
Supaplex supaplex
Super Bob Dylan superbobdylan
Super C superc
Super Cars supercars
Super Cars II supercarsii
Super Cauldron supercauldron
Super Grand Prix supergrandprix
Super Grid Runner supergridrunner
Super Hang-On superhangon
Super Huey superhuey
Super League Manager superleaguemanager
Super League Manager (AGA) superleaguemanageraga
Super Loopz (AGA) superloopzaga
Super Methane Bros supermethanebros
Super Obliteration soblit
Super OsWALD superoswald
Super Scramble Simulator superscramblesimulator
Super Seymour Saves the Planet superseymoursavestheplanet
Super SkidMarks superskidmarks
Super Space Invaders superspaceinvaders
Super Sport Challenge supersportchallenge
Super Stardust (AGA) superstardustaga
Super Street Fighter II – The New Challengers superstreetfighteriithenewchallengers
Super TaeKwonDo Master supertaekwondomaster
Super Tennis Champs supertennischamps
Super Tetris supertetris
Super Wonderboy in Monsterland superwonderboyinmonsterland
Superball Z superballz
Superbike Simulator superbikesimulator
Superfrog superfrog
Superman – The Man of Steel supermanthemanofsteel
Supremacy – Your Will Be Done supremacyyourwillbedone
Surgeon, The surgeonthe
Suspect suspect
Suspended suspended
Suspicious Cargo suspiciouscargo
Svetak Bob svetakbob
Swap swap
Switchblade switchblade
Switchblade II switchbladeii
SWIV swiv
Sword sword
Sword & The Rose, The swordtherosethe
Sword of Honour swordofhonour
Syndicate syndicate
T Tec Maze ttecmaze
T-Bird tbird
Taekwondo taekwondo
TaeKwonDo Master (AGA) taekwondomasteraga
Tajemnica Bursztynowej Komnaty tajemnicabursztynowejkomnaty
Take-em-Out takeemout
Tanglewood tanglewood
Tangram tangram
Tank Attack tankattack
Tanx tanx
Taran im Abenteuerland taranimabenteuerland
Tas, De tasde
Task Force taskforce
Tass Times in Tonetown tasstimesintonetown
Team Yankee teamyankee
Tearaway Thomas tearawaythomas
Technology 2 technology2
Tee Off! teeoff
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles teenagemutantheroturtles
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – The Coin-op! teenagemutantheroturtlesthecoinop
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teenagemutantninjaturtles
Teenage Queen teenagequeen
Teenagent teenagent
TeleEpic teleepic
TeleEpic II teleepicii
TeleGames telegames
Telekommando II, Das telekommandoiidas
Telekommando!, Das telekommandodas
Teller, The tellerthe
Temple of Apshai Trilogy templeofapshaitrilogy
Tennis Champs tennischamps
Tennis Cup tenniscup
Tennis Cup II tenniscupii
Teo teo
Teresa – House Guest (AGA) teresahouseguestaga
Terminator 2 – Judgment Day terminator2judgmentday
Terminator 2 – The Arcade Game terminator2thearcadegame
Terramex terramex
Terran Envoy terranenvoy
Terror Liner terrorliner
Terrorpods terrorpods
Terry’s Big Adventure terrysbigadventure
Test Drive testdrive
Test Drive II – The Duel testdriveiitheduel
Test Match Cricket testmatchcricket
Tetris tetris
Tetris Pro tetrispro
Tetrix: The Next Generation tetrix
Tex 01 – Mefisto tex01mefisto
Th!nk Cross thnkcross
The Chaos Engine chaosengine
The Last Ninja Remix lastninja
The Pharaoh’s Curse pharaohs
The Real Popeye realpopeye
The Unusual Case of Doctor Strange unusualcase
Theatre of Death theatreofdeath
Their Finest Hour – The Battle of Britain theirfinesthourthebattleofbritain
Theme Park themepark
Theme Park Mystery – Variations on a Theme themeparkmysteryvariationsonatheme
Thexder thexder
Think Twice thinktwice
Think! think
Third Courier, The thirdcourierthe
Thomas the Tank Engine thomasthetankengine
Thomas the Tank Engine 2 thomasthetankengine2
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Pinball (AGA) thomasthetankengineandfriendspinballaga
Three Musketeers, The threemusketeersthe
Three Stooges, The threestoogesthe
Thromulus – The Enemy Within thromulustheenemywithin
Thunder Burner thunderburner
Thunderbirds thunderbirds
ThunderCats thundercats
Tic Tac Toe tictactoe
Tie-Break tiebreak
Tile Move tilemove
Time time
Time and Magik – The Trilogy timeandmagikthetrilogy
Time Lock timelock
Time Machine timemachine
Time Race timerace
Time Runners 01 – Gateways in Time timerunners01gatewaysintime
Time Scanner timescanner
Time Soldier timesoldier
Timekeepers timekeepers
Times Crosswords, The – Vol. 1 & 2 timescrosswordsthevol12
Times Crosswords, The – Vol. 3 & 4 timescrosswordsthevol34
Times of Lore timesoflore
Tin Toy Adventure in the House of Fun (AGA) tintoyadventureinthehouseoffunaga
Tintin on the Moon tintinonthemoon
Tischtennis tischtennis
Titan titan
Titano titano
To the Rhine – The Allied Advance in the West totherhinethealliedadvanceinthewest
Toki toki
Tom Landry Strategy Football tomlandrystrategyfootball
Tom Landry Strategy Football – Deluxe Edition tomlandrystrategyfootballdeluxeedition
Tommy Gun tommygun
Tony & Friends in Kellogg’s Land tonyfriendsinkelloggsland
Toobin’ toobin
Top Banana topbanana
Top Cat topcat
Top Gear 2 topgear2
Top Gear 2 (AGA) topgear2aga
Torch 2081 torch2081
Tornado Ground Attack tornadogroundattack
Torvak the Warrior torvakthewarrior
Total Carnage totalcarnage
Total Eclipse totaleclipse
Total Football totalfootball
Total Recall totalrecall
Tots Time totstime
Touchdown touchdown
Tournament Golf tournamentgolf
Tower of Babel towerofbabel
Tower of Souls (AGA) towerofsoulsaga
Toyota Celica GT Rally toyotacelicagtrally
Tracers tracers
Track Suit Manager tracksuitmanager
Tracon II traconii
Traders traders
Trained Assassin trainedassassin
Transarctica transarctica
Transarctica (AGA) transarcticaaga
Transplant transplant
Transworld transworld
Transylvania transylvania
Traps ‘n’ Treasures trapsntreasures
Trax trax
Treasure Island Dizzy treasureislanddizzy
Treasure Trap treasuretrap
Treasures of the Savage Frontier treasuresofthesavagefrontier
Treble Champions treblechampions
Trex Warrior – 22nd Century Gladiator trexwarrior22ndcenturygladiator
TrianGO triango
Tricky-Quiky-Games – Die Suche nach den Verschollenen Seiten trickyquikygamesdiesuchenachdenverschollenenseiten
Trinity trinity
Tripple-X tripplex
Trivia Game Show triviagameshow
Trivia Trove triviatrove
Trivial Pursuit trivialpursuit
Trivial Pursuit – A New Beginning trivialpursuitanewbeginning
Trois Petits Cochons s’Amusent, Les troispetitscochonssamusentles
Trolls trolls
Trolls (AGA) trollsaga
Tron 5000 tron5000
Truckin On II truckinonii
Trump Castle trumpcastle
Trump Castle II trumpcastleii
Tube Warriors (AGA) tubewarriorsaga
Tubular Worlds tubularworlds
Tubular Worlds (AGA) tubularworldsaga
Tunnels of Armageddon tunnelsofarmageddon
Turbo turbo
Turbo Cup turbocup
Turbo Jam turbojam
Turbo Out Run turbooutrun
Turbo Trax turbotrax
TurboRaketti II turborak2
Turn It turnit
Turn It II turnitii
Turn n’ Burn turnnburn
Turrican turrican
Turrican 3 turrican3
Turrican II – The Final Fight turricaniithefinalfight
TV Sports Baseball tvsportsbaseball
TV Sports Basketball tvsportsbasketball
TV Sports Boxing tvsportsboxing
TV Sports Football tvsportsfootball
Twilight Knights twilightknights
Twilight Zone, The twilightzonethe
Twilight’s Ransom twilightsransom
Twin Turbos twinturbos
Twintris twintris
TwinWorld – Land of Vision twinworldlandofvision
Two of a Kind twoofakind
Two to One twotoone
Two-Up twoup
Twylyte twylyte
Typhoon typhoon
Typhoon of Steel typhoonofsteel
Typhoon Thompson in Search for the Sea Child typhoonthompsoninsearchfortheseachild
U.N. Squadron unsquadron
U.S.S. John Young ussjohnyoung
UFO – Enemy Unknown (AGA) ufoenemyunknownaga
Ugh! ugh
Ultima III – Exodus ultimaiiiexodus
Ultima IV – Quest of the Avatar ultimaivquestoftheavatar
Ultima V – Warriors of Destiny ultimavwarriorsofdestiny
Ultima VI – The False Prophet ultimavithefalseprophet
Ultimate Pinball Quest, The ultimatepinballquestthe
Ultimate Quiz II, The ultimatequiziithe
Ultimate Quiz, The ultimatequizthe
Ultimate Ride, The ultimateridethe
Ultimate Soccer Manager ultimatesoccermanager
UMS – The Universal Military Simulator umstheuniversalmilitarysimulator
Under Pressure underpressure
Uninvited uninvited
Universal Monster unimonster
Universal Monsters & Superhero universalmonsterssuperhero
Universal Warrior universalwarrior
Universe universe
Unreal unreal
Unsensible Soccer unsensiblesoccer
Uridium 2 uridium2
Utopia – The Creation of a Nation utopiathecreationofanation
Vader vader
Valhalla & the Fortress of Eve valhallathefortressofeve
Valhalla – Before the War valhallabeforethewar
Valhalla and the Lord of Action valhallaandthelordofaction
Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity valhallaandthelordofinfinity
Vaxine vaxine
Vector Championship Run vectorchampionshiprun
Vegas Gambler vegasgambler
Vengeance of Excalibur vengeanceofexcalibur
Venus the Flytrap venustheflytrap
Vermeer vermeer
Veteran veteran
Victor Loomes – Das Spiel victorloomesdasspiel
Victory victory
Victory Road victoryroad
Video Vegas videovegas
VideoKid videokid
Vigilante vigilante
Vikings – Fields of Conquest – Kingdoms of England II vikingsfieldsofconquestkingdomsofenglandii
Vindex vindex
Vindicators vindicators
Violator violator
Virocop virocop
Virtual GP Patch virtualgp
Virus virus
Vixen vixen
Volleyball Simulator volleyballsimulator
Voodoo Nightmare voodoonightmare
Vortex vortex
Voyager voyager
Voyages of Discovery voyagesofdiscovery
Voyageurs du Temps, Les – La Menace voyageursdutempsleslamenace
Vroom vroom
Vulcan vulcan
Vyper vyper
Vyrus vyrus
Wacky Darts wackydarts
Wacus the Detective wacusthedetective
Walker walker
Wall Street Wizard wallstreetwizard
Wall$treet walltreet
Wall, The wallthe
Walls walls
Wanderer, The wandererthe
Wanted wanted
War war
War in Middle Earth warinmiddleearth
War in the New Era Solar System warinthenew
War Machine warmachine
War Zone warzone
Warhead warhead
Warlock warlock
Warlock the Avenger warlocktheavenger
Warlock’s Quest warlocksquest
Warm Up warmup
Warp warp
Watchtower (AGA) watchtoweraga
Waterloo waterloo
Way of the Little Dragon, The wayofthelittledragonthe
Wayne Gretzky Hockey waynegretzkyhockey
Web of Terror webofterror
Weird Dreams weirddreams
Welltris welltris
Werner Flaschbier wernerflaschbier
West Phaser westphaser
Wetten Dass.. wettendass
What Is It Where Is It Vol. 1 whatisitwhereisitvol1
Wheelie wheelie
Wheelspin wheelspin
Wheelspin (AGA) wheelspinaga
When Two Worlds War whentwoworldswar
When Two Worlds War (AGA) whentwoworldswaraga
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego whereineuropeiscarmensandiego
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego whereintheusaiscarmensandiego
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego whereintheworldiscarmensandiego
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego whereintimeiscarmensandiego
White Death – Battle for Velikiye Luki, November 1942 whitedeathbattleforvelikiyelukinovember1942
Whizz whizz
Whizz (AGA) whizzaga
Who Framed Roger Rabbit whoframedrogerrabbit
Wibble World Giddy – Wibble Mania! wibbleworldgiddywibblemania
Wibble World Giddy: Wibble Mania! giddy
Wicked wicked
Wild Cup Soccer wildcupsoccer
Wild West World wildwestworld
Willow willow
Window Wizard windowwizard
Windwalker windwalker
Wing Commander wingcommander
Wingnuts (AGA) wingnutsaga
Wings wings
Wings of Death wingsofdeath
Wings of Fury wingsoffury
Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood winniethepoohinthehundredacrewood
Winning Post winningpost
Winter Games wintergames
Winter Olympics winterolympics
Winter Supersports 92 wintersupersports92
Winzer winzer
Wiraz wiraz
Wishbringer – The Magick Stone of Dreams wishbringerthemagickstoneofdreams
Wisielec wisielec
Wiz ‘n’ Liz wiznliz
Wizardry VI – Bane of the Cosmic Forge wizardryvibaneofthecosmicforge
Wizards Castle wizardscastle
Wizball wizball
WiZiO wizio
Wizkid wizkid
Wizmo wizmo
Wizzy’s Quest wizzyquest
Wolfchild wolfchild
Wolfen – Die Bestie ist Unter Uns wolfendiebestieistunteruns
Wonder Dog wonderdog
Woodys World woodysworld
World Championship Boxing Manager worldchampionshipboxingmanager
World Class Rugby worldclassrugby
World Class Rugby – Five Nations Edition worldclassrugbyfivenationsedition
World Cricket worldcricket
World Cup – All Time Greats worldcupalltimegreats
World Cup 90 worldcup90
World Cup Cricket Masters worldcupcricketmasters
World Cup USA 94 worldcupusa94
World Games worldgames
World Golf worldgolf
World Rugby worldrugby
World Series Cricket worldseriescricket
World Soccer worldsoccer
World Tour – Australia worldtouraustralia
World Tour Golf worldtourgolf
Worlds at War worldsatwar
Wormout 2097 wormout
Worms worms
Worms – The Director’s Cut (AGA) wormsthedirectorscutaga
Wrath of Gwendor wrathofgwendor
Wrath of the Demon wrathofthedemon
Wreckers wreckers
WWF European Rampage Tour wwfeuropeanrampagetour
WWF Wrestle Mania wwfwrestlemania
X-It xit
X-IT-50 – The Quest for the Meaning of Life xit50thequestforthemeaningoflife
X-Out xout
X-Ploit xploit
X-Swap – Booming Edition (AGA) xswapboomingeditionaga
Xenex xenex
Xenomorph xenomorph
Xenon xenon
Xenon 2 – Megablast xenon2megablast
Xenon 2 Megablast xenon2
Xiphos xiphos
XP8 xp8
XP8 (AGA) xp8aga
XR 35 Fighter Mission xr35fightermission
XTreme Racing (AGA) xtremeracingaga
Xybots xybots
Yo! Joe! yojoe
Yogi’s Big Clean Up yogisbigcleanup
Yogi’s Great Escape yogisgreatescape
Yuppi’s Revenge yuppisrevenge
Z-Out zout
Za Zelazna Brama zazelaznabrama
Zack! zack
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders zakmckrackenandthealienmindbenders
Zany Golf zanygolf
Zardoz zardoz
Zargon zargon
Zaxxon zaxxon
Zeewolf zeewolf
Zeewolf 2 – Wild Justice zeewolf2wildjustice
Zero Gravity zerogravity
Zeron zeron
Zitrax zitrax
Zock Out zockout
Zombi zombi
Zombie Apocalypse zombieapocalypse
Zool – Ninja of the Nth Dimension zoolninjaofthenthdimension
Zool 2 zool2
Zork – The Undiscovered Underground zorktheundiscoveredunderground
Zork I – The Great Underground Empire zorkithegreatundergroundempire
Zork II – The Wizard of Frobozz zorkiithewizardoffrobozz
Zork III – The Dungeon Master zorkiiithedungeonmaster
Zork Zero – The Revenge of Megaboz zorkzerotherevengeofmegaboz
Zyconix zyconix
Zzzep zzzep