RetroX is free to try with full features for five days. Once the period ends you can continue using it with some restrictions, but at any moment you can use the blue button to purchase an Activation Code for your user account, this will give you the full features back again.

Purchase Now

We always recommend to use your trial period to test RetroX before you buy. Once the trial ends you will get a better idea of what you are paying for.

What are you paying for?

You pay for our technology to make retro gaming as easy as possible.  We also provide some unique services like saving your game progress in our servers so you can continue playing later on any of your devices. You may have heard of a feature like this from the Nintendo Switch, but we go further than that providing support for most systems, and also you can use it in any of your devices. (And we did it before!)

Note that we don’t sell emulators neither games. Emulators are free to use and anyone can download and use them. We took these emulators to add the features required to be a RetroX supported emulator, but you can always get them in their original form for free.

As of games, users must provide them. We made it easy to add games from several sources like USB drives, cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive) and NAS devices.

This is our current list of features available only in trial or activated accounts:

  • Unlimited game collections (free accounts are restricted to 6 games)
  • Cloud based save states and memory cards
  • TV mode
  • Our presets for computer based games