If you want to get the new features as soon as they are released, there is a Beta version of RetroX that you can use.  Note that it may contain errors so there is no warranty that it will always work for you.  Use it at your own risk.

The beta version is available for download, and it auto updates itself.

The beta account is your same activated account, but you need to set a password for it.  Create a password for your beta account at loginbeta.retrox.tv

Note that you cannot mix the Development and the Public RetroX at the same time, you need to remove the main app and all the addons before switching between versions.

To know which version you are running, go to Retrox into Settings -> Diagnostics -> Info and you will see the “Beta” name alongside the version number.

Don’t forget to join our RetroX Users Group at Facebook to get up to date info and support for RetroX.

Thanks for your support!