When subscribing or renewing your subscription, you can receive a discount if you invite a friend!!

You will receive a discount equivalent to 50% of the value of your friends subscriptions. Here is a table of some common cases

Friends Subscription Value You get
1 1 year USD$12,99 USD$6,99 discount
2 1 year USD$12,99 * 2 USD$12,99 discount
1 2 year USD$22,99 USD$12,99 discount
2 2 year USD$22,99 * 2 USD$22,99 discount
1 Lifetime USD$72,99 USD$36,99 discount
2 Lifetime USD$72,99 * 2 USD$72,99 discount

As you can see, if you invite two friends you can get a free subscription!

Note that the discount is applied as a refund of your purchase, so for example if you have a USD$22,99 discount you can use it only for a free 2 year subscription or as a discount for a Lifetime subscription.

How to proceed? Renew or purchase your subscriptions as always, then write to support@retrox.tv with your activation code and the activation codes of your friends. Then we will proceed with a refund on your purchase. Note that this should be done as soon as possible for us to be able to make the refund, which is within a week.

Now, if you purchased a subscription recently and you were not aware of this discount, you can write to support@retrox.tv anyways to check if we can do the discount for your specific case.