2024-06-24 | Macho Grande

RetroX now supports 64-bit only devices!!!

2024-03-28 | Screen Refresh

New improved TV mode

  • Simplified navigation
  • Big background blended screenshots
  • Game description on front
  • Integrated search and filters in one screen
  • Compatible with CRT and small screens

SSL fixes for old devices

2024-02-11 | Externalator

  • Added support for External Emulators!! Must be enabled in Emulator Settings
  • Fix special settings for Diablo, Parasite Eve and Inuyasha Sengoku on PS1

2023-04-14 | Lionel Richie

Commodore 64 is now supported on RetroX!!!

2023-04-04 | Fitness

Aspect ratio fixes:

  • All arcade games now will fit with bezels
  • Arcade games now use the proper 4:3 or 3:4 aspect ratio
  • Added optional wider mode for Arcade games

Key maps:

  • All key maps are now stored with your account
  • Game specific or system wide keymaps are now supported
  • Supported for Amiga, Atari, DOS, MSX and ZX Spectrum
  • Fixes a problem when loading RetroX provided key maps

Commodore Amiga:

  • Random crashes seem to be fixed now
  • Fixes loading some games (workbench screen)


  • Fixes “too low” PSG volume
  • Add option to change PSG and SCC/OPLL mixing
  • Add option to avoid sprite flickering

CRT Fixes:

  • Static backrounds are now displayed properly
  • Use automatic aspect ratio settings
  • Gamepad display has been fixed
  • Fixed wrong text size on some screens
  • RetroArch based emulators now use the proper size


  • Fixes multiple issues when browsing in mobile mode
  • User’s collections are now displayed before RetroX collections
  • New default static background is Dark Wood
  • DOS CPU settings now work as expected
  • Cloud saved shaders settings are now stored by screen type: normal, small and CRT

2022-10-18 | Eighty shades of grey

  • Now you can try shaders using START + LEFT/RIGHT
  • All shaders now work with any background selection
  • Rewind and fast forward icons fixed when using bezels
  • Fixed the “cannot copy… libretro_android.so” permission problem

2022-09-08 | The Game Collector

You can now create your own game collections to help you keep track of your favorite games. The collections are stored with your account so they always be there on any device as long as you have the games available.

Also in this version:

  • The game rating system has been simplified with a like/unlike system
  • The Game Option buttons have been improved / Simplified
  • Fixed a bug when covers were showing up as screenshots
  • Trending, popular and most favorite lists are working again

2022-07-21 | Rocket Science

New supported emulator: Neo Geo Pocket Color

Also in this version:

  • Updated Final Burn Neo emulator. This version adds supports for Sega System 32 games like Slip Stream and Spiderman The Game
  • Now you can automatically download new backgrounds when you use the static background option for emulators
  • More than 30.000 files were added in our artwork and game info database
  • A bug was fixed that prevented artwork to be loaded from non writable storage

2022-05-05 | Spicy

ZX Spectrum improvements:

  • Added keyboard mapper for ZX Spectrum
  • Fixes for modern games like Delta’s Shadow
  • Fixes on artwork for some game

Multiple fixes on the mobile interface for:

  • Modern ultra-wide phones
  • Retroid Pocket 2 and other narrow screens

Added support for 5 SNES emulation cores

  • SNES9x 2002
  • SNES9x 2005
  • SNES9x 2005+
  • SNES9x 2010
  • SNES9x Upstream mainline


  • Fixed automatic login not working with Android 11+
  • Added auto mapper for Switch N64 controllers

2022-04-02 | Mr. Guillermo

New system supported!!!! ZX Spectrum

2022-03-13 | Vivid Dreams

  • New libretro based Dreamcast emulator. This brings:
    • Better performance
    • Better compatibility
    • Multiple emulation options
    • Support for shaders
    • Support for bezels
    • Support for live borders
    • Cloud saves: states and VMU’s
    • Compatible with latest Android updates
    • Multi disc support
  • Fixed a bug on shader selection when using defaults

2022-02-18 | The SecreT

  • New system supported!!!! Atari ST
  • Now you can set shaders per game / per system
  • Better support for Storage Permissions extravaganza in Android
  • Add some messages to help set permissions when launching RetroArch

2022-02-07 | Eleven Anchors + fixes

  • Fixes for storage permissions on several Android versions
  • Fix SSL connection errors on older devices
  • Fix broken artwork download from EmuMovie
  • Multiple fixes for different screen sizes
  • Remove blue highlight when using themes on some devices
  • Cloud Saves Sync now skips files with errors

2022-01-29 | Eleven Anchors

  • Quick patch for Android 11
  • RetroX is now on Games section for Android TV
  • Settings option has been moved to a safer location on mobile UI

2021-05-11 | RetroX 3 Collections

A new milestone for RetroX! Full announcement here: RetroX 3 Release

2021-01-21 | Groups + fixes v3

  • New: Added id=”logo” in themes to include Game logo images
  • New: Multi disk/disc games don’t need to be in individual folders anymore
  • Fix: Sega CD games crash when using Picodrive and Rewind
  • Fix: Amiga games are grouped as expected
  • Fix: Atari800 games controls initialization is working again
  • Fix: All ScummVM games are recognized again
  • Fix: Some themes were showing the MAME logo instead of the FBNeo one
  • Fix: Now the system selector shows the number of unique games (not duplicates)

2020-12-22 | Groups

Duplicated games are now grouped. You will see only one entry per game, and RetroX will display a list of available clones/duplicates to choose from just before starting the game.

2020-06-22 | The Next 64 Bezels

Now N64 is supported by the libretro based Mupen64Plus Next Emulator. This means better compatibility, less glitches and all the features available for RetroArch on RetroX like cheats, live backgrounds and… bezels.

Yes from this version your games can have bezels from the Bezel Project. You only need to select Borders -> Bezels and RetroX will automatically download and install the bezels for you.

Also in this release:

  • New: No need to restart the app to rescan games
  • New: Storage space validation on download/uncompressing of files
  • Fix: Live borders and compatibility with some shaders
  • Fix: Live borders when using high resolution emulators
  • Fix: Video transition issues on themes
  • Fix: No more freezes after saving states in some systems

2020-04-08 | Titan

Sega Saturn improvements:

  • New: Added Yabause emulator for older devices (GLES2)
  • New: Save states
  • Fix: Use HLE BIOS by default (fixes most games)
  • Fix: Original aspect ratio set to 4:3

Other improvemnts:

  • New: Separated 4:3 and square pixel (1:1) aspect ratio options
  • New: Better / seamless game start (no flashing)
  • New: Option to disable help screen on game start
  • New: Add Modern gamepad type for FBNeo
  • New: Game specific fixes for PSX
  • New: Frameskip setting for mGBA
  • Fix: PC Engine CD now works again

2020-04-01 | Sega Saturn

  • New Sega Saturn emulation through the Yaba Sanshiro emulator
  • New Rewind and Fast Forward feature for RetroArch based systems
  • Picodrive core for Sega Genesis has been updated
  • PCSX_rearmed core for Play Station has been updated
  • RetroArch emulator is now compatible with Android 10

Some notes:

  • Saturn requires OpenGL ES 3.x and has only been tested with the Nvidia Shield. RetroX will give you a warning if your device doesn’t support that version
  • Rewind and Fast Forward are disabled by default. You can enable them and select a button combo in Settings -> Emulator Setting
  • Not all emulators in RetroArch support Rewind and Fast Forward

2020-02-28 | Borders

  • Added new Static Borders option
  • Improved Live Borders
  • New Tonido support for adding games
  • FB Neo replaces FB Alpha. 12000+ games supported
  • CHD support for 3DO
  • Fix PSG audio volume for MSX

2019-12-20 | Automapped controllers

Now you can just pick your favorite controller and start playing, no mapping required!

  • New: CHD support for PC Engine CD
  • New: CHD support for Sega CD
  • New: Multi disc support for Sega CD
  • Fix: Search with remote controllers using the mobile user interface now waits for the full text

Note 1: If you are using a non-standard controller you can still map the buttons, but there is no need to assign controllers to players anymore.

Note 2: 8bitdo N64 controller is automapped by default for N64 games.

2019-11-15 | The New Deal

This update fixes the infamous “parsing error” on the Nvidia Shield! BOOM! This update also includes:


  • New: Select platforms to be sync’d
  • Fix: Names with extra info (EU, JP, etc) are preserved
  • Fix: MAME and FBA are now compatible
  • New: Logs files created for missing artwork


  • New: Better display of launch options
  • New: GOG that use CD images are now supported
  • Fix: GOG sound card configs are used if available

A big thanks to:

  • Trigger TheHorizon for helping me improve DOS compatibility with standalone and GOG games.
  • Jay Rott and Fer Per for sending me the info that I needed to fix the “parsing error”

2019-11-07 | EmuMovies

  • Add EmuMovies sync integration
  • MAME 2003 with cheats support has been fixed
  • Added more keys to MSX: 1, 2, F5

A big thanks to: Allan MacDonald and Stuart Law for pushing me to do this EmuMovies integration!

2019-08-12 | Themes for Noobs

  • New Android TV users will get Themes by default
  • Video snaps for Themes
  • Old MAME 2003 has been brought back. No cheats, but it works
  • New alternative – EmuMovies friendly – artwork locations (see the Artwork Docs)
  • No more need to rescan for missing MAME/FBA files. Also you can ignore the warning if you have all the files merged.
  • Storage permissions now requested on startup
  • Removed obsolete Facebook and Google login
  • Source preferences (online, local) are now saved
  • Faster startup

Some users have reported having problems after the latest Nvidia Shield update, receiving a “parsing error” while installing APK files. If that is your case, try uninstalling all RetroX related packages – not only the app – you will find the emulators under System Apps in the Shield. If the problem persists, a factory reset will certainly fix it.

We also have created a special page to get Help for the Themes 4 Noobs release.

2019-07-25 | Online Themes

  • Now RetroX can download and install extra themes
  • Artwork is retrieved from the nearest available location (CDN)
  • More than 40.000 artwork files added
  • RetroX Collections now can be stored under the NVIDIA_SHIELD/retrox folder on external devices

2019-06-26 | DOS Boss

This update includes several improvements for DOS:

  • New Virtual Keyboard
  • New Graphical Button Mapper
  • Automatic support for games from G.O.G.
  • 20 FPS limit removed
  • New Video Card selection (fixes Alien Carnage)
  • DOS UMB enabled by default (fixes Tyrian)

The Atari 800 emulator also receives the new Virtual Keyboard and Button Mapper

2019-03-01 | Mini

Theme engine improvements

  • NES Mini theme (retrox.tv/themes)
  • Zoom and fade animations
  • Vertical system selector
  • Variable number of items on system selector
  • Custom system images

CRT Support

  • Improved RetroX Vintage theme
  • Added screen test patterns

Added mGBA emulator for GameBoy and GameBoy Color

2019-02-18 | ScummVM for Oreo

ScummVM improvements:

    RetroX Collection fixes:

  • Now “retrox” folder name can be used
  • Fixed scan of “3do” folder

2019-01-18 | Cheats

  • Automatic Cheats support. Details at http://retrox.tv/cheats
  • Internal MAME menu can be opened with L2+R2 or using the In Game Options menu
  • Now all MAME versions are available for Intel based devices

2018-12-22 | Soft boot

  • New option to start RetroX on boot
  • Better method for random background music
  • Order recently played list by date

2018-12-20 | Silent Oreo

  • Fixed Oreo permissions issue that blocked the app to install emulators
  • Added ENTER, SPACE and BUTTON_2 to default Amiga controls
  • Added more background music options

2018-12-15 CohoNES

Added NES options

  • Emulator selection: Nestopia, FCEUmm
  • Region selection: NTSC, PAL, others
  • Sprite limit removal

Two Amiga emulator options:

  • UAE2All emulator (default)
  • UAE4Droid emulator (required by some games)

Fixes in Themes:

  • Detection of L and R buttons with some controllers
  • Fullscreen display on devices with soft buttons
  • Stop button on downloads

2018-12-13 | Smooth

  • Enabled access to PlayStation Enhanced Resolution
  • Recently Played, Favorites and Recommended games in Themes
  • Now you can hide non used systems in Themes
  • RetroX Vintage (CRT) Theme
  • Random background music
  • Smoother music transitions

2018-12-07 | Themes

Support for themes is now released
Details at retrox.tv/blog

2018-04-24 | Forum Requests Update

  • New: Two emulators available for GBA
  • New: Two emulators available for Genesis/MegaDrive, Sega Master System and Sega CD
  • New: Per game original / fullscreen aspect ratio option
  • New: Info about revision, region, etc now can be hidden from the game name
  • Fix: Display FPS on N64 only if enabled

More details in this forum post.

2018-03-27 | FBA Update

  • Updated FBA to v0.2.97.40

2017-02-12 | Independence

  • New: Defaults to unlimited storage for artwork (faster)
  • New: German translation (Thanks Alexander Wislogusow)
  • New: Dutch translation (Thanks Gaston Hayen)
  • New: SNES Multitap support (Thanks Tim Bushby)
  • Fix: Dropbox and Google drive are working again
  • Fix: Random sort option in TV mode

More details in this forum post.

2017-09-06 | 8Bitdo N64

  • New: Official support for the 8Bitdo N64 controller
    • Automatic mapping for N64 games by default
    • START+Z opens the in-game menu
  • Fix: DPAD on N64 now works
  • Fix: Green button on the NVIDIA Shield is working again
  • Fix: PBP games are detected as PlayStation Games

2017-07-08 | Frambu with Cream

This is a special release targeted to Frambu – Raspberry Pi3 – Users,
but some new features/fixes apply to any Android box as well.

  • Fix: Support for external USB drives on Frambu
  • Fix: Bluetooth support on Frambu
  • New: Now you can use the right mouse button as BACK on Frambu
  • New: Shutdown or Restart option in RetroX on Frambu
  • Fix: Bug on systems popups rendering badly on Frambu
  • Fix: Slow RetroX boot is fixed for slow devices like the RPi
  • Fix: Use only one instance of RetroX, avoiding restarting the app
  • New: Direct access to bluetooth settings from RetroX
  • Fix: Dropbox and Google Drive use the new mandatory auth method
  • Fix: Error on rating and favoriting games with long names
  • New: Added more details when reporting erros from NAS
  • New: Added Chrome as requested by Google Drive and Dropbox

2017-06-30 | Live Background

  • Live Background for Original 4:3 mode on RetroArch based emulators
    • Disabled by default
    • Enable it in Settings -> Display -> Emulators
  • Better defaults for PSP (auto frameskip up to 9 frames)
  • Added more info to diagnose NAS issues

2017-06-27 | MSDOS Memories

  • NAS improvements for password protected shares.  This may fix a lot of common issues with NAS
  • Playstation artwork for 1000+ games is now available
  • Fixed memory settings for DOS games
  • Fix: Amiga and MSDOS didn’t local config files (keymaps and others)
  • Better default buttons for MSDOS
  • Fix: Crash when using Google Plus login method
  • Fix: N64 C-buttons not working when using touchscreen controls
  • Fix: PSP crashing in devices without vibrator
  • Fix: Pressing OK button to start a game didn’t work when using A/B Buttons for OK/Cancel
  • Added Nexus Player as a TV capable device

Additional details in the forum release announcement.

2017-06-17 | Obsessive Compulsive

  • Added option to hide systems without games in Settings -> Display
  • OK and CANCEL button mapping now is optional and disabled by default

2017-06-15 | Saves Manager

  • Now you can download or delete your savestates in
  • Added more descriptive error messages when necessary
  • When a gamepad is setup now you can control RetroX with
    A = OK and B = CANCEL
  • Added experimental OneDrive support
  • Fix “Full covers” mode not working

2017-05-29 | 3DO for Helmut Vinaccia

  • New 3DO support through libretro 4do core
  • Fixes on gamepad config not closing

2017-04-16 | Wider dreams

Improvements in Dreamcast emulation

  • Additional controllers are detected
  • Now you can turn widescreen on and off

Note that not all games are compatible with widescreen.

Also in Sega GT which was used for testing multiple controllers, there is a problem displaying a split screen, making the game unplayable with a second player.

2017-04-14 | Amiga nueva

  • Enabled compatibility with Hard Disk Files (HDF)
  • Added support for the Amiga 600 / ECS

2017-04-07 | Persistent dreams

  • Fixed: Saving progress in Dreamcast VMUs
  • Fixed: Clock settings on Dreamcast BIOS

2017-04-06 | A dream within a dream

Sega Dreamcast is now supported in RetroX!!!

See additional notes on this release.

2017-03-26 | Golden Eye

  • New N64 control settings: Original, Inverted and optimized for Golden Eye. See details in our blog entry.
  • Not available games are now removed / cleaned as expected
  • Games based on CUE files are now downloaded correctly from networked storages (NAS / Cloud). These are used by CD based systems like Playstation, PC Engine CD and Sega CD.
  • Final Burn Alpha addon now is compatible with games requiring samples. Provided samples may be not right with some games as I found with Donkey Kong, so if you have a games with samples but no sound please send me a message
  • Save states related options have been removed from MAME 2001, 2010 and 2014. Only 2003 supports saving states
  • Size measure of installed games coming from compressed files has been fixed.

2017-02-23 | Ants training

  • Fixed an error that made some NAS folders unreadable since A-MAME
  • Removed wrong tip: “FBA only supported in local files”
  • Added counter when re-scanning games on boot

2017-02-22 | Cover Me

  • Portuguese Translation thanks to DoRiAnN DaMoN!!
  • Better MAME and FBA artwork matching based on parent ROMS
  • Better artwork matching for ROM duplicates on other system

2017-02-20 | A-MAME

  • New Feature: MAME and FBA will now alert the user about missing ROM files
  • Fixed: MAME and FBA emulators crashed when additional ROM files were required but stored network/cloud storage
  • Fixed: Failed downloads/transfers ended in corrupted files, crashing the emulators
  • Fixed: Missing progress feedback in several network operations
  • Minor: ES Explorer warning now is shown only in the Manage Folders screen

2017-02-14 | SAN Valentin

  • NAS fixes / improvements:
    • Faster scanning
    • Re-scan now works
    • Longer timeout for devices that may be slow to awake
    • Added extra info in case of errors
  • Fixed keyboard popping up at boot

2017-02-09 | RetroX

From today, RetroBoxTV will be known as RetroX

And yes, this update includes the long awaited NAS support!

2017-01-27 | Wildfire

  • Support for Final Burn Alpha emulator has been added

2016-12-04 | Project Frambu

  • RetroBoxTV is now compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3


  • Multi Emulator (RetroArch) shut down has been modified.

It may fix the crash when closing on the NVidia Shield.

2016-11-23 | Intel inside

  • RetroBoxTV now officially supports most systems on Intel based devices.
  • Huge performance boost in MS-DOS emulation
  • More options to fine tune CPU speed in MS-DOS

2016-11-12 | La w** bacán

Added spanish translation

RetroBoxTV ha sido traducido completamente al español.

Hicimos “la prueba chilena”, y creemos que tiene el índice
correcto para ser una traducción al español.

Se advierte que aun pueden quedar partes sin traducir.

Prefiero tener reclamos, a tener más esperas… ¡ESO ES!

2016-11-07 | Atari DJ

Atari 800/XL/XE:

  • Added support for multi disk games
  • Added primitive keyboard support

2016-10-29 | Heaven in the clouds


Now you can add games from DropBox and Google Drive

We recommend you to check our new Help section in Manage Content -> Help

There you will find some guides to make it easier for you to add games

Some people _may_ have problems with previously added games. If that is your case, try adding the game again. If you think that you need more help, please write to fcatrin at gmail dot com

2016-09-12 | Color me blind

  • Added an option to choose colors for Gameboy
  • Mad Catz M.O.J.O. added to the list of supported TV devices

2016-09-05 | Atari trails

  • Added support for Atari Jaguar
  • Added support for Atari Lynx

2016-09-02 | Highlights and shades

  • Fixed scanline shaders for Shield TV
  • Added a lot of more advanced shaders

Note that this feature is available only for RetroArch based systems

2016-08-31 | Beyond the fence

  • New 5 days trial mode!
  • TV user interface now only for trial and activated accounts

2016-08-20 | No, that’s not my hand

  • Fixed an error when trying to play N64 and DOS games

(the infamous “an application is required to run this game” error)

2016-08-10 | A la carte

  • MAME support improvements
    • New game config option to switch to a specific MAME version
    • New game config option to select button layouts
    • Fixed default button layout for MAME (3 buttons default)
  • Fixed server provided config processing for Amiga
    • This fixes Putty Squad

2016-07-08 | Covers

  • 11000+ covers on our servers ready to be downloaded when needed
  • No limits for favorites category on front screen (Craig Garside)
  • Fixed detection of .a52 games as Atari 5200
  • Out of memory crashes have been reduced
  • Fixed a delay on fast user browsing

2016-06-27 | On the road to Google Play

  • New additional method to add single games or folders
    • Most systems supported
    • Complex systems like MS-DOS and ScummVM not yet supported

2016-05-20 | God save the states!!

  • Playstation Multi Disc support
  • Last played games list now is shared among devices
  • Added warning if ES Explorer is running
  • Complete retrobox folder creation and update from Local games folder option

The following is only available for Activated Accounts

  • Cloud based save states and memory cards. Now you can continue your games in any of your devices
  • Added new game lists for TV mode
    • Trending this week
    • Most popular
    • Most favorited

2016-04-29 | McDowell

New TV user interface!!

This mode is automatically enabled for Nvidia Shield TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.
If you have a different device, go to Settings -> Display -> User Interface to enable it.

Note that this mode will not work right with touchscreen devices, neither with devices that don’t use a TV screen resolution.

2016-04-04 | Amazon

  • Huge improvement for local games scanning on slow devices
  • Text entry in the Amazon Fire TV won’t need a mouse anymore
  • Duplicated ROM NES detection has been fixed
  • Fixes crash when detecting games with sub folders
  • Local folders: better detection on complex setups.
  • Added support for esdfs (Moto G 2014)

2016-03-28 | Misipipi

  • Now using the standalone PPSSPP emulator for maximum compatibility
  • Added NTFS support for external drives. Doh!

2016-03-23 | MAME 4 OCD

  • Covers for unsupported MAME games are downloaded if available
  • Several small bugfixes

2016-03-20 | Triple Pack

  • Added support for Atari 2600, Atari 7800 and Game Gear

2016-03-18 | MAME4Stacy

  • MAME 2014 support
  • From now on, ALL known and valid MAME games are available to play
  • Changed the default order in Favorites to alphabetical

Special thanks to Stacy Marriot for his suggestions and enthusiasm
that has driven this development to make ALL MAME games available

2016-03-13 | Fire… Exclamation mark

  • Scanning external drives in Amazon Fire TV devices has been fixed
  • MUCH faster performance when storing new content data
  • Faster scanning for local content
  • Now you can save to Memory Cards even if your device doesn’t allow to write in external drives
  • Proper support for multitrack Playstation games (1 cue + several bin files)
  • ScummVM
    • MT-32 audio is enabled by default
    • Added game specific options (MT-32/Adlib, FM Quality, Subtitles)
    • Added extra files needed for some games (Lure, Kyra and others)
  • MSX
    • MSX emulator now defaults to MSX 2+
    • Added game specific options (Machine version, region, FM-PAC)

2016-03-08 | It’s a boy!!

  • Now you can use the green button in the NVIDIA Controller to open the Options Menu
  • Massive fix in MAME 2001: All games now have the correct aspect ratio
  • Fixed some games that were not working in VIP accounts

2016-03-05 | Boom

  • Sample pack added for MAME games that require samples (Bosconian, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and others)

2016-02-22 | Free account

  • More flexibility with user authentication methods
  • Added support for Atari 5200 Cartridges (.a52)

2016-02-20 | Subscription

Fixed START button handling in RetroArch based emulators. This fixes Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out for NES and some MAME games that didn’t start when used with a gamepad controller

2016-02-07 | Step up

  • Support up to 2 players in Commodore Amiga
  • Support up to 4 players in N64
  • Support for Left & Right triggers for PSX and Amiga (Left/Mouse button)
  • N64 can use the dpad as the analog stick
  • New option to re-scan a local folder
  • Fixed re-scan when a folder or drive doesn’t exists anymore
  • Fixed zipped SNES rom scanning
  • Faster loading of game details in directories with a lot of files
  • Fix for inverted analog control in Atari
  • Fixed crash of analog control in Atari / Archos Gamepad 2

2016-01-28 | The Poll

Added experimental support for PlayStation Portable (PSP)

2016-01-26 | A cup of tea

  • Added support for Sega Master System!!
  • Support for DualShock (Analog Gamepad) in the Playstation emulator
  • Moved leanback icon to the Games section in AndroidTV devices
  • Better handling of network connections problems

2016-01-20 | Night Shift

  • Experimental support for Commodore Amiga on Intel based devices
  • Fixes permission problem in MS-DOS when using read-only drives

2016-01-11 | The Big Shield

  • Android TV
    • Proper Android TV user interface (bigger fonts / dimensions)
    • Letter selector now can be used with dpad remotes
    • Leanback icon for direct access
  • NVidia Shield
    • SELECT + START is working on all emulators now
    • Trigger buttons are now visible in the gamepad config window (also Xbox 360 and others)
    • Automatic button mappings for new users
  • Local games
    • Redesigned “Diagnostics -> Local games folder” option
    • Automatic creation of retrobox file structure for local games
    • Fixed a problem when scanning Sega CD games
    • Local games now can be added to Favorites
    • GoodGen mark removal for cleaner game names (requires re-scan)
  • Emulators
    • 6 button support for Sega Genesis / Sega 32X / Sega CD
    • Fixed “wide” aspect ratio in Slap Fight for MAME 2001

2016-01-10 | Don Pepe y los globos

  • Added multiplayer support in N64
  • Added multiplayer support in Atari XL/XE
  • Support up to 4 players where available
  • Added progress feedback when scanning local games
  • Fixed digital gamepad mode in N64 (WWF games)
  • ScummVM permissions problems with config files have gone

2016-01-08 | Retro-RetroBoxTV

  • Cover browser now supports the old full cover view mode. Go to Settings -> Display Options to activate it
  • State saving/loading for NES and PSX has been fixed!! The bug was in our version of RetroArch and it may have affected other emulators as well
  • Added info about the emulators used before downloading them
  • Fixed some crashes when scanning huge amounts of local games

2016-01-02 | The hangover

Local/SD/USB games caching. No more waiting if you have tons of games!!

This feature needs more testing, but there are many users waiting for it, so here it is.

2016-01-01 | Happy New Year

NES support has been fixed!

Load/Save State for NES and PSX is still broken, but it seems that they share the same problem that ‘should’ be ‘easily’ fixed

2015-12-28 | The newborn

  • Added new “letter” selector at the bottom
  • Now you can also click on the bottom bar to jump at any point
  • Fixed support for Sega 32X local games
  • Added new extensions for PSX (.img and others)
  • Changed the way that local covers are processed. It may fix some issues with local covers
  • New Diagnostics tool -> Device information
  • Now close this window and start playing!!