If you want to sell Android boxes preloaded with RetroX we usually do the following:

  • Offer a pack of Activations for a discount
  • Offer two methods of activation
    • Using a standard Activation Code
    • Using Device Activation through the serial number in the device

The discount will depend on how many boxes you plan to sell, and must be discussed with us in a case by case basis.  About the activation, here are the details, but please note:

Before selling RetroX with your boxes, please try it yourself to understand the basics of how it works. It will be a benefit to you because you will know exactly what the customer gets, and it will give you basic skills to support your own customers.

Now, about the activations:

Activation Code: This is the standard method to authorize an user to get the full features of RetroX. It’s a 12 digit code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) that the user must redeem inside the application.  Once the user account is activated, they will be able to use it in up to 6 devices running at the same time.  Note that user accounts are personal and designed to work as is. There are several features that are tied to the account, technically you can share an account but all the user data will be shared among the users, so you will be giving a poor user experience to your customers.

Device Activation: This is a method only used for box sellers.  We activate the device so no matter the account being used in that device, it will always get the full features.  It is the most automatic method of activation from a user’s perspective, only that in this case there will be only one device activated.  For this to work, you must send us the serial number found inside RetroX: Settings -> Diagnostics -> Device Info.  Some devices don’t have a valid serial number so in that case only Activation Codes can be used.

Note that we don’t include games with RetroX. If you want to include a set of games that RetroX pick ups automatically, we recommend you to use the RetroX Collection method.  You can find the details in http://retrox.tv/games.