The recent Themes 4 Noobs update came after the Nvidia Shield Experience 8.0 update which broke a lot of apps. After a few days we have found temporary solutions for these problems and created this post to help. Also we have included some common questions that we have received these days.

Parsing error while trying to install the update or AddOns

UPDATE: This was fixed on the “New Deal” update. Because the older versions still have this problem, the update may throw this error. If that is the case, just download RetroX again and install it over (without uninstalling)

We still don’t know the exact cause, but if you have this problem and have technical skills you can help us find the root cause of this problem through your log files. It will be greatly appreciated.

Follow these steps to fix it:

  • In your Shield open Apps -> RetroX and use the Delete Cache option. Then try again
  • If that didn’t fix your problem, open Apps again and uninstall RetroX. Then open Apps -> System Apps and uninstall all the RetroX related AddOns. Once everything RetroX related is uninstalled, install RetroX again from our download page. As soon as you start opening games, the AddOns will be installed again.

How to add Video snaps

This is on the last section of the Artwork page.

Weird things happen when pressing some buttons in my controller

Use the Gamepad Mapping option to remap your controller

I press the “Download” but it doesn’t do anything

Same as above, use the Gamepad Mapping option to remap your controller or try with your remote

I reinstalled RetroX and now my account is in free trial

You need to use your activated user account. If you use a different account, RetroX will take it as a new free trial account.
This is a very common problem, don’t assume that your Paypal or Amazon account is your activated account, because once the Activation Code is purchased you can use it with any account, and RetroX will activate the account that you are logged in the app.
Although RetroX shows you which account will be activated, many people forget it later. A good way to know which is your current account is to log in with your possible account in our User Login page.

Note that once you activate an account, the Activation Code is void and no longer needed.

I don’t have or don’t remember my password

Go to the User Login page and use the “remember my password” option. A link will be sent to your email to set a new password.